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3 Reasons Why People Still Love Getting Direct Mail

When you were a kid, getting mail felt pretty amazing. Would you find a catalogue to flip through, a flyer for summer camp, or a card from Aunt Alma with a $5 bill? The anticipation and mystery fueled big time thrills.

Like other childhood delights that make their way into our grown-up psyche, peeking into a full mailbox is still an act worthy of butterflies. Here’s why:

  • Heading outside to the mailbox is an event: Covid affected every aspect of our lives and minds, so it’s not surprising that for many in quarantine, opening the front door and making the short trek to the mailbox became the height of worldly connection. While that excitement might have dwindled slightly as restrictions eased, much of it has remained.
  • Anticipation is everything. Much like hearing the ding of your inbox, wondering what you’ll find inside your real-life mailbox adds an irresistible layer of drama to an everyday affair. Even when you find a stack of bills, it’s somehow still worth it.
  • We connect more strongly to physical mail than digital. No matter how much we love our screens, study after study proves tangible experiences leave a profound imprint on our hearts and minds. At the end of the day, we’re physical beings, so real-world interactions will always trump virtual ones.

How This Psychology Propels Direct Mail

It’s clear more businesses are realizing the emotional connection to tangible marketing, as a recent report states many are doubling their investments in direct mail in 2022. Though digital communication remains strong, the same report shows that integration is key, and 95% of marketers use a mix of direct mail and digital messaging.

Here are a few ways to maximize direct mail and ensure you get the best return on investment:

  • Prioritize personalization: Treat customers like individuals. Every time. Effective personalization encompasses everything from using first and last names to including relevant images and ensuring messages speak to buyer preferences and behaviors.
  • Use the concept of reciprocity: This principle claims that we instinctually respond positively to gifts, especially when we didn’t ask for anything. More than that, we feel obliged to return the favor. When used in marketing, it means if you’re going to ask for something, offer something first (also known as the give-give-give-get formula). Hint: Include an enticing sales offer with your call to action.
  • Be the expert. No one can stay fully informed on every topic. That’s why people look to authorities for help. When buying stocks, you seek out a broker. For real estate, you want an experienced agent. When it comes to your customers, YOU must be the educated decision-maker. For your mailers to make the greatest impact, they should concisely explain WHY your product or service benefits the recipient. Ideally, direct mail also lets your customers become the authority when they pass your information on to friends and family.

What to Do Next

If your multi-pronged marketing approach doesn’t include direct mail, get on board ASAP. If you already trust handheld messaging, keep enhancing your strategy. Either way, Xpressdocs can help. We’ve been helping businesses of every size and shape attract and retain their ideal customers for over 20 years.

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