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Xpress Email Marketing Services

Xpress Email Marketing Services

Xpress Email is an affordable email marketing service that allows you to be in regular contact with clients all year-round.

With drag-and-drop customization tools and access to a robust content library, you’ll spend less time building emails and more time connecting with your audience. Built specifically for the busy professional or small business owner, our template-driven platform makes it manageable to create stunning and personalized emails in a matter of minutes.

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Xpress Email Features

Data Feed Integration*

Drag-and-drop data feed information to create emails that drive click-throughs. Xpress Email’s data feed integration makes your marketing simple and impactful.

News & Market Content*

Our syndicated article library is designed to provide a robust assortment of compelling and relevant content, as well as the option to populate your account from the sources of your choice.

Unlimited Sends

Don’t let complex or cost-prohibitive pricing limit your email marketing efforts. With unlimited sends per month, you’re free to regularly extend your communications for effectiveness.

Professional Templates

Our experienced designers have created professional templates to match your brand’s creative standards and remain consistent across various devices.

Simple Drag & Drop Editing

Our drag-and-drop functionality allows you to create campaigns with MLS data and newsletter content in mere seconds—no technical expertise required.

Inbox Preview

Preview the way your email is presented in contacts’ inboxes, and rest assured your message meets the unwavering standards your brand and business deserve.

List & Contact Management

Email campaigns are only as good as their lists. Create or upload lists in a range of formats including Outlook, Salesforce, and Top Producer. You can also upload contacts directly from accounts like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and AOL.

Reporting Dashboard

No patience needed while waiting to evaluate the performance of your campaign. Our straightforward platform provides up-to-date reporting of a campaign within seconds.

*Only available for companies with these features enabled

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Email Made Simple

Contact us for more Xpress Email information and to get started.
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