May 2013

Low-cost Marketing Strategies That Get Results

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If you’re willing to invest some time and effort, you can launch powerful marketing strategies with little to no money. Here are five examples: 1.       Ramp up the referrals – When it comes to referrals, two of the greatest sources are “influencers” (people who are outspoken and influential) and “aggregators” (accountants and other professionals who [...]

Marketing Copywriting: Let the Facts Speak for Themselves

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Let the Facts Speak for Themselves No one would be surprised to hear that the airline industry is responsible for a lot of lost luggage. But what if we told you a whopping 31 million bags were misplaced by the airlines. Not only are these statistics true, they’re also examples of how facts and figures [...]

Writing That Sells: 6 Tips for Business Owners

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Stumped about what to write? Not everyone can be a professional copywriter, but anyone can write compelling copy. Here Xpressdocs gives you six techniques copywriting pros use to overcome consumers’ do-nothing attitudes, make their messages stand out and entice perfect strangers to open their wallets. 1.      Grab the reader’s attention right away by stating a [...]

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