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EDDM Elite

EDDM Elite

Every Door Direct Mail®, or EDDM, is a direct mail solution from Xpressdocs that enables you to effectively saturate your desired market by delivering to every address within your target geography – all while cutting costs and saving 6¢ per piece over standard mail.

Unlike other EDDM solutions that require you to drop your mailings off at the post office or impose size restrictions, our full-service EDDM solution gives you a variety of mailable sizes to choose from and manages all your printing, USPS paperwork, and mailing for you!

With a unique offering of valuable benefits you won’t find with other services – including powerful demographic targeting, recipient names on mailing addresses, and up-to-date route information from a USPS feed – EDDM Elite will equip you to reach your audience effectively and economically. With just a few clicks, you can choose from preferred ZIP codes as well as get instant list size results to help control your budget.

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Reasons you’ll love EDDM Elite

Full-Service Solution

Unlike other EDDM solutions that require you to drop your mailings off at the post office, our full-service EDDM Elite solution manages everything for you.

No Size Restriction

Many EDDM solutions impose size restrictions, but EDDM Elite offers a variety of mailable sizes – including Large and X-Large postcards, newsletters, and more!

Personal Touch

Forget generic salutations. EDDM Elite adds the personal touch other EDDM solutions miss by including your recipient’s first and last name on most mailings.

Up-to-Date USPS Data

Choose from preferred carrier routes within desired ZIP codes using up-to-date information from the USPS data feed.

100% Deliverability

Get 100% deliverability to selected geographies so you don’t have to worry about failed or bounced mail.

Cut Costs

Instant list size results to help control your budget. What’s more? Save 6¢ per piece off standard mail rates – giving you more dollars to further expand your reach!

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