Three Steps to Marketing Success in 2016

Why Businesses Are Rethinking Their Digital Marketing
Over the last seven years, there has been a mad rush in the marketing world to embrace everything digital (e-commerce, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, as well as search/display advertising). Since then, however:

  • Consumers have been bombarded by digital marketing they don’t want (spam, display ads, search ads, social media advertising, free subscription ads, etc.).
  • The digital marketing landscape has become far more complicated, complex and competitive.
  • It’s harder than ever – and more expensive – to devise a winning digital marketing strategy. (And as soon as you do discover a winner, you can count on at least one of the underlying principles to change soon thereafter.)
  • Today, many marketers are realizing that digital marketing is good at some things, bad at other things, and not nearly the panacea everyone hoped it would be.

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