Traditional Direct Mail vs. Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Postcards

With the advent of the internet, many real estate agents have turned to electronic methods for advertising their properties. However, a study by the research firm Infotrends shows that 61% of consumers prefer to receive offers and information via postal mail than any other type of advertising. Since part of marketing is to get information to people via a method they prefer, it makes sense to continue real estate direct mail marketing. The question then becomes whether traditional direct mail pieces are a better choice than post card mailings. The truth is that both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional Direct Mail

Real Estate Direct Mail MarketingTraditional direct mail consists of flyers, catalogs, letters, and brochures that are mailed to the consumer. This type of direct mail allows real estate agents to include a significant amount of information, such as larger photographs, details and descriptions that the small size of postcards will not allow. However, many consumers are becoming more earth conscious and are expressing that unwanted catalogs are unwelcome in their mailboxes. Some go so far as to discontinue patronizing a store that sends them an unwanted catalog. Another problem with traditional direct mail is that a customer must open the piece, read the information and then act on it, and research shows that many consumers do not bother if they know the piece is an advertisement. Traditional direct mail is also more expensive to send, however, the fact that a real estate agent can include more information than on a postcard may make direct mail more economical in the long run.

Post Cards

Post cards allow the real estate agent’s message to be communicated immediately upon contact with the consumer. Because the customer does not have anything to open, they are more likely to review the information on the card and act on it more quickly. Mailing post cards is significantly less expensive than traditional mailings and the card can be customized to make it stand out even more, such as making the card in the shape of a house. However, post cards have very limited space making it harder to include all the information you are trying to relay to the consumer. For this reason, a post card mailing would work better to direct a client to a website, blog or other online source.

Whether you decide to use traditional or postcard mailings, it is important to understand that direct mail campaigns are still the best way to reach customers, and that most consumers prefer being contacted via postal mail. For more information about traditional vs. postcard advertising for real estate agents, check out our full list of direct mail marketing guides.

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