The Ultimate Checklist to Real Estate Postcard Marketing

postcard marketingDespite the growing number of digital marketing opportunities for real estate professionals, postcard marketing remains both versatile and cost-effective for reaching prospects and existing clients. And unlike many marketing solutions, postcard marketing is equally as useful for small local offices as it is for large-scale brokerages. Yet, like with any form of marketing, your success is closely tied to your strategy, creativity, and effort. To enable you to maximize your success, here are 22 tips to jumpstart your success.

1. Define your marketing goals and be specific. Determine the response you are trying to achieve, as well as your return on investment. Make your goals realistic by finding out what other real estate professionals have been able to achieve with real estate postcard marketing.
2. Find a quality source for postcard printing and logistics. Don’t take chances with a provider that isn’t proven or doesn’t have the capabilities to take on your project. Your best bet will be one that is one that has deep expertise specifically in real estate postcard marketing.
3. Create a budget that will enable you to execute several rounds of mailings.

4. Create a specific reason for launching a real estate postcard marketing campaign. This can be anything from an announcement to a special offer. Information is valuable to your target audiences, so even an offer for a free neighborhood analysis or guide to buying in a competitive market can be just the ticket to get a postcard recipient to take the next step.
5. Avoid generic, self-serving messages that won’t resonate with your audiences. The goal should be to set yourself apart from the competition while portraying an image of expertise and professionalism.
6. Get outside input on ideas for your postcards. This can include those within the industry, as well as a few of your trusted customers. If you’re not getting a “wow” response from those you share your ideas, move on to something else.

Mailing List
7. The quality of your mailing list can make or break the success of any real estate postcard marketing campaign. Start with your own list and determine your needs for additional names from a reputable source. Any list provider that you’re considering should be more than willing to share with you how they acquire names and how often they update their data.
8. Your in-house database should be reviewed carefully for accuracy and duplications and divided into segments that can receive targeted messages. For example, it may make sense to create segmented lists by zip code, buyer price range or seller timeline.

Postcard Headline
9. Create a postcard headline that calls out directly to your specific target audiences. Even consider variable data printing, where you can customize the headline by including their name!
10. Include a clear benefit with a description of the of the value following the headline.
11. Avoid jargon and write a headline that is clear and honest. If the reader can’t “get it” instantly, you’ll be wise to rewrite it.
12. For extra emphasis, use numbers, percentages, and other eye-catching details.

13. Unless you have professional design skills, don’t make your real estate postcard a do-it-yourself project. Choose a professional graphic designer or a specialized template that can be customized.
14. Balance originality with taste. You want your piece to stand out without it turning off your targeted audiences.
15. The design should enhance your message, not distract from it.

Include a Powerful Call to Action
16. Think carefully about what you want the reader to do and communicate it clearly in your call-to-action. This should propel the individual to move forward.
17. Make your call-to-action stand out from the rest of the content on the postcard.
18. Place the call-to-action on both sides of the postcard, ideally in eye-catching callout boxes.
19. State and restate the value of the offer.

Testing and Tracking
20. Don’t send out any postcard without a way to test and track results. Postcard marketing should be considered a tool that requires continuous improvement. This can’t be accomplished without a way to understand the results of each campaign.
21. Consider A/B testing to evaluate the effectiveness of different messages.
22. Learn from tests and tracking so that you can modify messaging and design elements to measure response differences.

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