What is SEO for Real Estate and Why Should You Care?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for real estate, is one of the most important tools you can use as one of your real estate marketing strategies.  SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website and driving traffic to it using unpaid search results.

seo for real estateWhat is SEO?
With more people using the Internet to find goods and services, and with 90 percent of all website traffic coming from a search engine, it is important to understand how to drive traffic to your website.  SEO for real estate uses keywords found on your website to increase how high your site ranks in a search engine’s list of search results.   Because search engines use software known as “crawlers” or “spiders” to find the words listed in a search request, the more often a similar phrase appears on a website, the higher the site ranks in the results.

Implementing SEO for Real Estate
The first step to implementing SEO for real estate is to determine what keywords have the best chance of leading and linking visitors to your website.  Consider the types of information a consumer will enter into a search engine that relates to your real estate marketing strategies.  For example, real estate agents selling condos in Florida designed for retirees may choose keywords such as “retirement condos in Florida” or “condos for sale for retirees in Florida.”

Key things to remember when developing keyword strategy:

  • Consumers may use unusual search information in order to get back unique search results, so include various forms of the keywords, such as “condos in Florida for retirees.”
  • While developing a keyword strategy, consider using unusual wording or grammar to enhance your chances of high search rankings.
  • Once keywords have been determined, sprinkle them throughout the website copy.
  • Be careful not to overuse keywords, a process known as “keywords stuffing,” as search engines often reject websites that do so.  In general, use a keyword no more than five times for every 500 words of copy.

Be sure to track the traffic coming to your site from hyperlinks using tools provided by the various search engines, such as Google Analytics, which offers the ability to create reports based on various SEO criteria.  In addition, many tools available can provide you with information on keyword searches performed by consumers to help you include them in website copy.

Benefits of SEO for Real Estate
Research indicates that 42 percent of the time consumers click the first website that appears in the search results.  This percentage drops to 12 percent for the second site and 9 percent for the third, indicating just how important ranking high in a search engine list can be. The lower the site ranks on the list, the less likely a consumer will choose that website.  In addition, SEO for real estate is a no-cost advertising option, as it simply entails writing your website copy so that search engines are more likely to find them.

SEO for real estate has become a critical part of any real estate marketing plan.  Interested in more marketing tips? Check out our real estate marketing guides.

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