Real Estate Photography – Want to Take Better Photos? Tips and Resources for the Digitally Challenged

We can’t teach you to become a great photographer in a 400-word article. But we can point you towards the best free resources for real estate photography tips.


Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

The Realtor’s Guide to Using Photos in Real-estate Marketing – Larry Lohrman is an expert on real-estate photography, and his realtor’s guide is the place to learn professional tips you can put to use right away.

Larry’s regular blog postings are also a must-read for anyone with the desire to be a better real-estate photographer.

Online educational videos – Mike Miriello is a professional real-estate photographer who posts easy-to-follow tutorial videos on his blog (for those of you who would rather watch a pro in action than read about it).

Home staging examples – The fascinating before-and-after photos on the Room Solutions web site demonstrate the dramatic difference proper lighting and furniture arrangement can have when photographing interiors (roll your cursor back and forth over the photos to see the before-and-after effect).


A professional’s portfolio – When major retailers need photos of their stores, Mark Steele is who they call. While his blog only occasionally offers tips for less-talented photographers, a careful study of his work portfolio will provide a wealth of insights. examples – See how professional photographers at the management magazine take media-quality photos of everything from the mundane (a new computer chip) to the much-heralded (the new Microsoft store). Note: click the word “photos” near the bottom of the white area on the home page.

Product photos – A tutorial on the Canon camera web site reveals many of the secrets for taking professional-quality photos of your products.

A less polished but even more comprehensive tutorial on product photography is the one written by Lindsay Landis – a small manufacturer of pet collars.


Weekly photography tips – Every Tuesday, professional photographer Mark Hemmings posts a new photography tip (or lesson) on his popular photography blog.

Digital photography school – This web site offers simple tips and tutorials for taking better pictures (and using photo-editing software to bring out the best aspects), credible reviews of all the necessary equipment, plus an easy-to-understand buying guide for anyone considering a new camera purchase.

Crisp, emotional, vibrant photos make it easier to sell most anything. Study the resources above, practice the techniques, then start using your newfound skills to create attention-grabbing marketing materials sure to put your competitors to shame.

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