The Real Estate Marketing Products Your Customers Want to Receive

Real Estate Marketing ProductsAs a realtor, you have a dizzying number of ways to generate new business. From outdoor signs and newspaper ads to sponsoring the junior high school softball team, there is no shortage of opportunities to get your name out there in the community. Yet, to generate the kind of name recognition needed to become a top producer, it’s important to have sustained exposure. One of the most efficient ways to maintain top-of-mind status with potential buyers and sellers is to gift them with branded products that they will use again and again.

Compared to other marketing tools, promotional products offer an impressively low cost per number of impressions. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, the average cost-per-impression for a shirt is 0.005 cents. Of course, your customers may not be overly impressed with a t-shirt with your name emblazoned on it. Not all promotional products have the same effect. The key is to give customers something that they will value. This requires some careful consideration.

Identify Your Target Market
Your customer base is unique and so are their needs. To determine the best promotional product for your customers, consider their specific characteristics. Do you primarily sell homes within a golf community? If so, you probably have a large number of customers who are hitting the links on a regular basis. Tees, balls and golf shirts may be a gift they’d appreciate and use. Do you specialize in an up-and-coming, urban neighborhood that’s in high-demand with young families? They may be more apt to carry a portable mug or tote bag with your name on it while they’re pushing a stroller at the weekly farmer’s market.
Don’t select a product based on what you’d like. Think carefully about your customers. You may even want to dig a little deeper and consider the difference between existing customers and prospects. Their preferences may be different.

Create a Plan
Now, identify what you want to achieve from the products and how you should distribute them to your customers. Your efforts will want to be closely aligned with your overall marketing strategy and message. You should also be able to measure your success. By thinking through these considerations for your real estate marketing products, you can integrate them into your larger overall marketing plan. This can go a long way towards ensuring your investment isn’t wasted.

Give Them Something They’ll Use Again
You want the recipients of your gifts to use them as long as possible to maximize your brand exposure. While a foam stress ball given at an event may be used once and tossed, a quality pen or case for golf supplies might be used over and over again. With each use, these products provide valuable brand exposure which can serve as a reminder to your customer that you’re the real estate professional to call.

Strategically Distribute
Establish guidelines on who should receive your product. If it will be distributed at an event, establish some parameters. Target to gain the biggest impact. For example, you may want to only give an item to those who provide you with a business card or for those located in a specific area. If you’re planning to mail out products to leads and prior customers, you may want to narrow down your list to only those who have the greatest chance of buying or leasing in the next year. This is a clear reason why it’s important to keep an up-to-date customer database.

Don’t Forget a Call to Action
What do you want your customers to do after they receive your product? It’s vital to give them a way to take action. Your products should include contact information, such as a logo, URL, tagline or phone number. Of course, you don’t want to overload the product with information, but it’s important to work strategically with the finite space that you have.

Choose Quality
Any product with your name is a reflection of your brand. In other words, a low-quality calendar, pen, or baseball cap with your logo on it is going to clearly communicate to your customers and potential customers that quality isn’t all that important to you. Promotional items leave a lasting impression. Handing out poor quality items is, in many ways, worse, than not handing anything out at all.

You will also want to ensure that your brand impression on any item you choose is clear, tasteful and easy to read. Double and triple check that your phone number, URL, and spelling of your company name is accurate.

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