Real Estate Marketing Ideas: Dig into the Details of Your Offline Marketing

Marketing studies and reports are helpful, but what you really want is the ability to dig into the details of your own real estate marketing efforts – especially your off-line marketing (direct mail, print ads, promotional products, networking, etc.). Right?

real estate marketing ideasAs difficult as that sounds, it’s actually really simple. The key: be diligent about tracking “response” (the number of prospects who respond in some way to your marketing efforts). Here’s how:

  1. Unique phone numbers – Establish a unique phone number for each type of marketing you do (i.e. one for direct mail, another for print ads, a third for promotional items). When a prospective customer calls, you’ll know right away which marketing program triggered the response.
  2. Faux phone extensions – If you don’t want to juggle different phone numbers, consider adding faux phone extensions (phone extensions that don’t really exist). Print a different phone extension on every marketing effort (for example, use “Call (321) 503-9987, extension 201” for your January mailing, “extension 202” for your February mailing, “extension 305” for your promotional pens, and “extension 316” for your promotional calendars). Then it’s just a matter of asking each caller what extension they’re trying to reach. Even better, most callers will proactively request the extension as soon as you pick up the receiver.
  3. Tracking codes – If prospects will be responding to your marketing effort by mail, print a three-digit tracking code in some inconspicuous place on the coupon or information request card. Why? Because, without a unique code, you may not be able to tell if the response cards you’re receiving are from your January mailing, your February mailing, or a mailing from a year ago. And as you’ll find out once you start crunching the numbers, these details make a big difference when evaluating the effectiveness of a marketing effort.
  4. Unique landing pages – Most marketing efforts include a website address where the prospect can go to learn more (often called a “landing page”). Instead of having one generic landing page for all your marketing efforts, create a unique page for each – or at the very least, one for each type of marketing medium you use (direct mail, print ads, radio, etc.). Then use a service like Google analytics (see below) to track the response.
  5. Online analysis toolsGoogle Analytics is a free service from (who else?) Google that allows you to see not only how many people are viewing your landing page, but also what links they’re clicking, how much time they’re spending on the page, plus much more.

Once these tracking techniques are implemented, then it’s just a matter of keeping tally. Every request for more information, inquiry and sale needs to be noted – typically in a simple spreadsheet. Add the cost of each marketing effort to the mix, and you’ll quickly be able to crunch the most important numbers to see which efforts are paying off – and which are striking out.

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