Real Estate Advertising

Traditionally, real estate agents focused on the Sunday paper for the bulk of their real estate advertising and marketing efforts. Yet with the predominance of instant online news sources, traditional newspaper subscriptions and purchases have dropped considerably, making many question if print advertising is still the best way to promote available properties. The answer? Print is alive and well, and an essential part of any effective real estate marketing plan. A combination of print and online sources stands out as the best way to reach a high volume of potential customers.

Print Media Advertising

The tried and true method of direct mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your message out to customers. However, there are some key areas to focus on to make the most out of your direct mail campaigns.

Make it Personal

Real Estate AdvertisingWhen a consumer receives a postcard with a special offer, they may not review the information immediately. It may get placed on the counter or in a mail basket until they have a few minutes to look at it. It sometimes takes an extra touch of personalization to capture your target customer’s curiosity as soon as they pull your mailing from their mailbox.
Many agents send mass mailers with little to no personalization, which makes them easy for customers to ignore. Remember to always consider your customers’ preferences; give them access and keep them aware of your brand by giving them information on homes in a specific geographical area where they show interest.

Direct Web Traffic

To better attract certain customers, you can also use print advertising to direct consumers to your online presence. For example, a direct mail piece that offers a website address with property listings can appeal to a much larger audience. Direct mail pieces that showcase a link to a website where listings

are being updated consistently make it easier for you to space out advertising efforts and keep costs low. Additionally, by giving your customers access to a website, they can contact you whenever is most convenient for them. Not to mention, it gives potential customers confidence that their agent is keeping up with technology.

Online / Mobile Marketing

Mobile technology is consistently growing and becoming more widespread as smartphones provide consumers with the best in technology at their fingertips. This provides an opportunity to personalize advertising efforts across many platforms. Many companies look at mobile marketing as an extension of their online marketing strategy, yet most consumers do not think of their mobile device as an online device. One rule to remember when developing a mobile marketing strategy is that a consumer must be willing to opt into mobile advertising, which is why connecting your online efforts with print media is the perfect way to allow customers to access the information on their terms.

Capture their Attention

Personal URLs, orPURLs, are an instant way to gain a customer’s attention by incorporating their own name into a URL. For example, is geared specifically towards your prospect Jane Smith. Many websites offer PURL services with easy-to-design templates that use variable data to place names into the URLs as well as onto the website so your clients notice right away when landing there. However, an over-abundant use of PURLs can come off as an obvious marketing tactic so you should monitor your frequency to get the best impact for your advertising needs.

Utilizing Social Media

While PURLs can direct your clients to a personalized website, it is important to tie your social media accounts into your direct mail pieces since they provide an easy way for clients and prospects to reach you. By having a fully functioning social media account, such as Facebook or Twitter, you can consistently stay within your clients’ view, update them on which listings are available, and be their go-to real estate point of contact.

Whether your advertising is print or digital, remember not to over-complicate the amount of information you give to your clients; simplicity and personalization are key when it comes to your real estate advertising strategy.

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