Dirty Mailing Lists Are Bad for Real Estate

The last thing you want to do is waste time and money sending marketing efforts to the wrong address, to an outdated address, or to someone who no longer even has an interest in real estate services. If you want your marketing to pay off, you’ve got to keep your direct mail and email marketing lists clean and up-to-date.

Cleaning your direct mail list

dirty-mailing-lists-bad-for-businessAccording to the U.S. Postal Service, about one of every six families moves to a different address every year. That’s approximately 45 million people moving every 12 months. If you don’t have a way to accurately update the mailing addresses on your marketing list, not only are you wasting money, you’re losing touch with your contacts.

Yes, your mailings could be forwarded to the new address. But the postal service’s forwarding service only applies to certain types of mail, and it only lasts for a limited time.

Another factor that could be messing with your direct-mail mailing list: Bad addresses due to a typo, illegible handwriting, sloppy data inputting, etc.

To correct these and other addressing issues, you can hire an independent data-management service to review your mailing list(s) and make the necessary corrections. Or, you can just keep using Xpressdocs’ direct mail services – which include a comprehensive address-validation process … at no additional charge. Every time you use our service for a mailing, your list is validated with the U.S. Postal Service National Change of Address (NCOA) and CASS national databases to make sure your addresses are current and correct.

The same is true for purchasing new mailing lists that Xpressdocs sells: Xpressdocs partners with address list providers that clean, correct and update their lists on a regular basis, at no additional charge.

Managing your email list

Mismanaging your email marketing list is not only bad for business, it could result in some serious financial penalties. You can be fined big bucks if you add someone’s email address to your marketing list without getting their formal approval to do so. The same is true if you don’t make it easy for people to remove themselves from your email list (technically referred to as “opting out”).

The fines – up to $16,000 for every violation – are levied by the Federal Trade Commission as part of the 2003 federal CAN-SPAM Act.

For tips on how to gather email addresses legally, see our blog post, “Tips for Growing Your Real Estate Email Marketing Opt-in List.

To ensure your emails are CAN-SPAM complaint, use the Xpressdocs email platform – which includes the required “opt-out mechanism” in the footer of every email, and automatically ensures anyone who does opt-out will be removed from any future mailings immediately.

In short, we take care of the behind-the-scenes details, so you can focus on generating more sales.

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