5 Examples of Eye-Catching Real Estate Postcards

Real Estate PostcardsIn a saturated industry like real estate, your marketing efforts can make or break your success. Although digital marketing channels, such as social media, blogs, email, and even mobile apps are enabling some real estate agents and brokers to stand out from the crowd, those channels are increasingly not enough to generate a steady stream of new leads — and even more important — sales. In fact, if you’ve either stopped or never launched a direct mail campaign, you may be getting overlooked entirely.

The smartest real estate marketing experts know that a comprehensive approach to reaching out to targeted audiences is a cost-effective strategy that works. Both digital and more traditional forms of direct marketing are necessary to reach across different demographics. The most successful real estate marketing programs include digital marketing channels, but are also strengthened by brochures, signage, capabilities packages, print advertising, and direct mail.

In fact, direct mail is a secret weapon that the most successful realtors are increasingly using. Yes, this means postcard mailings. If you’re thinking that sounds old-fashioned and technologically behind the times, you may want to reconsider. According to the Direct Mail Association (DMA), direct mail has a 4.4% response rate. In contrast, emails get a mere 0.12% response rate.

If you’re a realtor who has invested the bulk of your marketing budget into reaching out to leads and existing customers via the Internet, you may be unsure where to begin or how to create a postcard that will get you measurable return on your investment. To inspire your creativity, the following are some amazing real estate postcards propel recipients to take action.

Just Listed
Far too often, real estate professionals choose to send out postcards once a listing has sold. Oftentimes the recipients’ response to these pieces is “So what?” A far more motivating message is that there’s a new listing in their neighborhood. Both potential buyers and sellers are interested in what’s new. Buyers may be propelled to take the next step if the photos, features, and price are intriguing. Sellers will be interested in the asking price and how compares with the home they may soon want to list.

The key to the success of a “just listed” postcard is high-quality interior and exterior images, as well as a quick list of notable features, square footage, and a clear call to action. Is the listing in a top school district or near a popular downtown area? These are facts that will encourage someone to call for a showing. Are you scheduling an open house? This is a prime opportunity to mail a postcard invitation to targeted areas. If there is no open house, encourage the recipient to contact you. Don’t forget to provide multiple contact methods, including phone, email, and social media.

Meet the Realtor
For most people, their home is their biggest investment. Because of the importance of a home purchase or sale, buyers and sellers don’t want to work with just any realtor. They want to feel confident they’re choosing a professional who knows what they’re doing and truly understands their goals and objectives — and how to effectively achieve them. While you can send out an email to a database explaining why your qualifications make you the right choice, you’ll need to offer more to create a real impact with recipients. Postcards that build visibility, credibility, and confidence should include a clear photo, contact information, and competitive differentiators. In other words, explain what makes you different (and better) than your competition.

A “meet the realtor” style of postcard is beneficial both for real estate agents who are just launching their career, as well as for seasoned professionals. The impact from this piece can be even more significant when it contains specific details on how you can help the recipient. For example, list the details of a marketing plan for their home, or new tools or strategies that can make the selling or buying process easier.

Don’t have a current listing but still want to make a splash with a real estate postcard? Consider a piece that showcases your knowledge on a specific topic that is relevant to either buyers or sellers. From packing tips to ideas on how to generate some extra cash from a garage sale, your recipients may hang on to this piece if it offers valuable, relevant content. You may even be able to collaborate on a piece with other local businesses to save money and expand your reach to a larger area.

Did You Know?
As a real estate professional, it’s your job to stay on top of the latest industry news. Whether it’s understanding upward or downward trends in prices, to new increases on property taxes and interest rates, this is valuable information that your potential customers will want to know. Why not share it with them in a direct mail piece that positions you as a subject matter expert?

Consider offering a free market analysis or a personalized marketing plan. This is a great way to encourage recipients to check out your online content and learn more, ultimately generating leads and referrals. In real estate, like with any other industry, content is king. Those who offer the best content rule over the competition.

Target Market
Do you specialize in specific markets? Postcard marketing can be highly effective when you offer tailored messaging for the type of customer you’re targeting. If quick sales are your specialty, and you’ve sold many “as is” homes, you can drum up interest by appealing to the customer who is either time or cash-strapped with a postcard that speaks to them. Are you selling primarily to seniors who are in the process of downsizing? A message that eases their fears and jumpstarts their excitement as they transition to this next phase in life can be highly effective.

By working with a postcard marketing solution provider, like Xpressdocs, you can create a variety of postcards with different designs, images, and content that will appeal to all your target markets. By tailoring your direct mail efforts, you’re not only more likely to grab the interest of recipients, you’ll also position yourself as a professional with specialized expertise.

The Possibilities Are Limitless
There really is no end to what you can do with real estate postcards. It is a tried and true marketing channel that has enabled countless real estate professionals to build their customer base, generate leads and position themselves as market leaders. Unlike many other types of marketing, it’s a smart strategy for reaching buyers and sellers at every price point. If you’re looking to augment your current marketing efforts, or simply want a strategy that offers among the highest returns on your marketing dollars, it’s time to consider postcard marketing. You’ll likely find that it will become a key driver to your ongoing success.

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