Networking Tips Using Social Media for Real Estate Agents and Realtors

Social Media for Real Estate Agents and RealtorsSocial media has exploded in the business world, and real estate agents are looking for ways to incorporate social media networking in order to increase the number of buyers and sellers contacting their agency.  Unfortunately, many agents are not utilizing this form of networking to its fullest potential, or are not using it properly.  By connecting different social media outlets using the same theme but differing messages is one of the first things a real estate agent must do to develop a powerful online presence.

Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are perfect social media tools for real estate agents to announce new listings, promote local events or share industry news that is relevant to the area.  Some real estate agents have even set up different Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for new listings only while keeping a general accounts and pages to announce news and events.  Like all social media, however, it is important to keep the information current.  Many experts recommend sending new, unique tweets and wall postings a few times a week to keep the data fresh.


LinkedIn is one of the best locations online to develop professional connections and build a large network of real estate professionals, including other real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and appraisers.  By creating a profile using keyword optimization, real estate agents can develop leads and build relationships with customers and industry insiders alike.  Keyword optimization is important when creating your profile because LinkedIn works like any other search engine, so creating a profile with keywords in mind is important to building a network on the site.


With more people searching the internet for information, offering a potential customer the opportunity to see the inside of a home for sale while they remain in the comfort of their own home is a huge benefit for real estate agents.  Posting virtual tours on YouTube is a great way to let potential buyers tour the home when it is convenient for them.  In fact, you can actually place a QR code on flyers about the house that will link to YouTube via a smartphone, making it even easier for the potential buyer to tour the home.


One idea often overlooked by real estate agents is the use of blogs to promote the agency.  Blogs can be written about the current real estate market, to give advice to home buyers and sellers, or to advise on how to get the best mortgage rates.  Another suggestion is to blog about the local area, with information such as history, annual events and attractions that would draw people to the area.

Social media for real estate agents can be used not only to promote business but also as a good source for networking.  By utilizing social media properly, real estate agents can see an increase in customers as well as build a network of industry insiders.  Stay updated with our latest news on social media and real estate agents.

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