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Direct Mail Products

The benefits of direct mail marketing are no secret. It has the highest success rate in new customer acquisition, and more than 75% of consumers immediately act after receiving a piece of direct mail. A well-executed direct mail campaign that delivers powerful results is:

Selective. Allowing you to target niche audiences.

Measurable. Components can be tested, analyzed, and improved for future campaigns.

Scalable. As your list of targeted prospects grows, or becomes more segmented, direct mail efforts can be adjusted to support ongoing campaign needs.

Versatile. Cookie cutter efforts do not work because each campaign has its own purpose. All direct mail products are not created equal, and different pieces have unique strengths that strategically lend themselves to specific goals.

When planning a new direct mail campaign, you might ask yourself, “What is the best mail piece to use in my campaign?” The answer is easy: it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

In today’s marketing environment, the one-size-fits-all approach does not work for direct mail. You need to choose a piece that will deliver the highest ROI and help you successfully drive actions that support your marketing goals—whether those are new customer acquisitions, relationship building, or promoting a special offer. Everything should be tailored to the audience you are targeting, and the message you want them to act upon.

A good place to start when deciding on the product that will best support your efforts is to clearly identify the purpose of your campaign. What are you trying to achieve, and how can you best communicate that to others?

Below are some suggestions for mailable products with the potential to not only support, but also strengthen, your future direct mail campaigns, as well as the lists that drive them.


Postcards are the most popular product used in direct mail campaigns—and for good reason! They are versatile in size, and are an excellent choice for making an announcement and enticing recipients to take an action, such as visiting a website or taking advantage of an exclusive offer.

Whether you are looking to promote an upcoming event, new product, send a simple greeting, or boost your overall brand, postcards are an efficient and economical way to do the job.

SM PCSmall Postcard. Despite being ‘small’—at approximately 4.25 x 5.5—these postcards achieve big results. Their size and to-the-point attitude command the attention of recipients. Small postcards are the perfect piece for a strong call-to-action and concise messaging.

LG PCLarge Postcard. Set your marketing up for success with the most popular size, a 5.5 x 8.5 large postcard. They are high-performing, tried-and-true pieces that are cost-effective to produce and mail (meaning you have an opportunity to expand your campaign’s reach and stay within a budget).

XL PCX-Large Postcard. A 5.5 x 11 x-large postcard provides a bigger canvas to highlight your call-to-action and provide more visuals and copy. Additionally, its longer size draws attention so it won’t go unnoticed.

Mega PCMega Postcard. A mega postcard is the biggest and boldest of the bunch, coming in at 8.5 x 11. If your goal is to capture the attention of clients and give new life to your marketing, a mega is the way to go. It provides plenty of space for a gripping headline, imagery, your logo, a CTA, contact information, and more!

Folded PCFolded Postcard. A folded postcard provides the best of both worlds. It is the convenience of a traditional postcard, with the added benefit of extra space once unfolded. It invites curiosity from the recipient and can pack a real punch when used effectively.

Offset Fold PCOffset Fold Postcard. Using an offset fold postcard is a simple, yet effective, way to capture someone’s attention. The folded postcard features a unique, extended panel that can emphasize a distinct message you want to ensure your audience notices. For example, healthcare facilities could use this area to highlight a “Free Exam!” callout, and real estate agents might announce an open house.

Make Your Marketing Stick. Prolong the visibility of your marketing so clients can easily keep it on-hand. Fashioning a tip-on magnet can upgrade your direct mail piece to fridges and beyond!


If caring for client relationships or growing your overall brand presence is the driving factor behind your direct mail campaign, a mailable newsletter is a well-suited choice.

Newsletters are mailed without an envelope, and the format is less restrictive, offering plenty of space for rich content, such as industry or company updates, news-you-can-use, testimonials, and more.

If you select to use newsletters in your direct mail campaign, be sure you can keep the content interesting, relevant, and balanced. You don’t want to overwhelm the recipient with sales collateral and self-promotion. Instead, you want to build trust.

Using a mailable newsletter is an alternative way to conduct your direct mail marketing. It may seem outside the norm of your typical direct mail practices since it is less sales-heavy. However, it could be the right choice if you’re looking to support a long-term, brand-enhancing marketing strategy that establishes you as a subject matter expert.


Take note, it’s the details that make you and your marketing truly resonate with recipients. If you are looking to stand out with clients, send personalized, hand-written notecards.

Whatever you choose to say, send it with the crisp and elegant delivery of a beautifully designed notecard. (Xpressdocs carries a variety of sizes, including A1, A2, A6, A7, and A9!) From a follow up to a thank you, or a simple “hello,” notecards are what you need to leave a positive impression.

Take your noteworthy message a step further by handwriting the mailing addresses (Xpressdocs also offers a selection of envelope sizes and mailing labels!) and include a postage stamp to help maximize the likelihood that your card will be opened.


Effective marketing continues to deliver long after it is dropped in the mailbox, an easy feat for mailable tri-folds. Tri-folds have a unique format, comprised of six different panels—making them an easy piece to display on shelves, counters, and other visible settings.

Like postcards, tri-folds come in various sizes to meet your specific marketing needs, and offers unique benefits such as:

Showcases your message on an easy-to-display piece

An added layer of sophistication that resonates with recipients

Entice recipients as they unveil your mailing, one panel at a time

11x17 mail foldover11 X 17 MAILING FOLDOVER

If you are looking to present your mailing in a clean, sleek, and professional manner, a mailing foldover is a smart choice. The product is mailed as a flat, meaning your message is free of the folds and creases other pieces are prone to.

A mailing foldover is a top choice for larger communication pieces, such as a guide or informative how-to. Click here to have the Xpressdocs marketing guide mailed to you, and feel the value of an 11 x 17 mailing foldover with your own two hands.


It is nearly impossible to over-emphasize the importance of the mailing list and what it can do for the direct mail campaign’s success. You can create a top-notch direct mail piece, but if you distribute it incorrectly, it means nothing.

Your list needs to be kept up-to-date and the addresses verified each time you launch a direct mail campaign. (Every list you upload and store in Xpressdocs is CASS certified before each mailing for improved delivery.)

If you don’t have the necessary lists to support your direct mail marketing goals, you have the ability to use purchase mailing lists. Xpressdocs partners with third parties and offers a range of list building services. Our database of qualified households and businesses enables you to build a robust list that focuses on the consumers that are most likely to respond.

Decide what you want your direct mail piece to accomplish, and then choose list parameters accordingly:

EDDM. Delivers to every door or mailbox on a selected carrier route to penetrate a targeted area. (If you choose to build a list using EDDM Elite, the every door direct mail solution from Xpressdocs, your mail will include recipient names on mailing addresses and full-service fulfillment.)

Radius. Build a list targeting prospects surrounding a specific point you’re looking to expand your business.

Street. Create a list that reaches the neighbors of past and current clients by targeting prospects on a specific street.

Demographic. Build a list based on demographic filters (such as gender, income, age, or businesses by employee size, etc.).

Remember, with the right pieces and people in place, your direct mail campaign has unlimited potential!

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