How Effective Are Seasonal Postcards?

Holiday Postcards Sending a seasonal postcard is a smart way to deliver marketing communication in a meaningful context that resonates with recipients.

Seasonal Marketing is Time-Tested

Think about the classic Coca-Cola Christmas marketing campaign with the bearded Santa Claus drinking a coke. It’s effective because it plays on the nostalgic emotions many of us feel when we think about the holidays. And when you evoke emotions with your marketing efforts, you stand a much greater chance of success. Seasonal postcards playoff this age-old advertising truth quite well.

You can further connect with your prospects emotionally by emulating a holiday card they would receive from a friend. According to researchers at MIT, “The human brain is adept at recognizing similar items and placing them into categories — for example, dog versus cat, or chair versus table.”

So, while a bland postcard could initially be classified by the recipient’s brain as an ad, a seasonal postcard has the potential to reclassify itself with the recipient and get a few more precious seconds of their attention. Instead of your prospects picking up your postcard and mentally, and then physically, discarding it, you get them to engage with your piece and consider your offer.

Seasonal Marketing Leverages the Power of Context

With the help of technology, marketers are reaping the benefits of personalization in many of their marketing efforts. Seasonal postcards provide the opportunity to resonate with the recipient even further by tailoring the piece to include their name, and more, with variable data printing.

It’s up to you how much customization you want to include (i.e. local images), but the possibilities for contextualizing your seasonal marketing sends are limited only by your imagination. Remember, though, keeping your target audience in mind is of the utmost importance when developing your pieces.

Seasonal postcards afford you the rare opportunity to authentically reach out to prospects or clients you may have lost touch with. A seasonal postcard can appear less self-serving and more of a genuine than other channels.


The key to a successful postcard campaign, or any marketing effort, is the campaign’s ability to evoke emotion that is followed by action. There are few tools in your marketing arsenal that achieve this as effortlessly as seasonal marketing postcards. Not to mention, you don’t need an excuse to send these postcards other than it’s just that time of year again!

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