Take Social to the Next Level With This Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

There’s so much to like about social media (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, MySpace, YouTube, etc.). It’s cheap, it’s addictive, it’s “viral,” and it’s exciting, just to name a few of the associated benefits. But there’s one area where it pulls up short: marketing muscle.

In terms of attracting attention and finding new customers, social media sites are shy homebodies. Sure, once you get your target market to start visiting them, it’s party time. But without regular invitations and encouragement, it’s lights-out.

Fortunately, you have direct mail – a medium with an unmatched ability to spread the good word about your social media. For ideas of what to write on your marketing postcards to get people to visit your social media sites, see the list of direct mail marketing strategies below:

More Information

  • “Learn more about the designer of these incredible purses on our blog.”
  • “See a virtual tour of this property on my YouTube channel.”
  • “For a behind-the-scenes view of the products we’ll be introducing at the show, see our YouTube and Flicker postings at …”
  • “Download the paper ‘The Real State of Real Estate’ at my Facebook page.”


  • “To forward this listing to a friend, visit my blog at …”
  • “Send me a direct message via Twitter to see this home before the open house.”
  • “You’ll find video answers to all the most common questions on our YouTube channel.”
  • “Follow us on Twitter to get daily fitness tips.”
  • “To learn about the latest listings as soon as they’re available, follow my tweets at …”


  • “Tweet me at @GinasHomes if you see any of my real estate signs around town.”
  • “Submit your worst shoe shopping experience at our blog.”
  • “Comment on our latest products at our MySpace page.”
  • “Have a comment or suggestion? I’d love to hear it. Send me a direct message at my Twitter account.”
  • “We need your feedback to continue making the improvements you want. Please log on to my Facebook page and fill out the 10-question survey today.”


  • “For valuable discount coupons, visit our Yelp listing.”
  • “Become a fan of ours on Facebook and save 20% on your next purchase.”
  • “Follow our tweets the week of September 22 for a limited-time discount offer.”
  • “Post a review on our Yelp site, and we’ll enter your name in our Granville Island Getaway Trip for Two contest.”
  • “Tweet me at @GinasHomes with the location of one of my real estate signs, and you’ll automatically be entered to win a new iPad.”
  • “This contest is limited to our Facebook fans only. Become one today at …”

We could go on and on with these examples, but you get the point. Try to include a message like these in each of your direct mail marketing efforts (or, even better, create special mailings just for them). For most small- and mid-sized businesses, these direct mail marketing strategies are your best hope for making the most of your social media investments.

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