Direct Mail List Management

Direct Mail List ManagementDirect mail marketing is still an excellent way to promote your business as your company information can be delivered directly to the home or business of your potential customers.  The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) released in 2010 the Response Rate Trend Report with interesting facts regarding direct mail which indicated that letter sized envelopes offered a response rate of 3.42% and cost approximately $47.69 per lead, while email averaged $53.85 cost per lead.  However, sending advertisements via “snail” mail will only result in leads if the direct mail list is managed properly.

Updated Lists

One of the most important things to do before starting a direct mail campaign is to be sure that the mailing list being used is up-to-date.  This includes being sure that names and addresses are current, but even more important, being sure that the list is fresh.  Good direct mail list management requires regular and accurate updating of the list so that new leads are added on a regular basis, and address changes are entered in a timely fashion.


Another important feature in direct mail list management is that the list being used be accurate.  Mailing duplicate advertisements to the same address because the address is in the database twice increases costs and can result in loss of a lead.  Customers who receive multiple advertisements are often annoyed at the unnecessary expense and may feel that the company is either wasteful or less than thorough.  For this reason, accurate direct mail list management is very important to developing leads.


Although it is important for companies to let current customers know about upcoming sales, events or information, one of the main purposes for direct mail campaigns is to also identify potentially new customers.  A direct mail list that has not had names added to it for several months or years is not going to generate new customers for the company.  Therefore, successful direct mail list management requires that new names are added to the list on a regular basis, and information that is no longer valid is removed in order to keep the list fresh.

Direct mail is still an excellent way to generate leads and at a much lower cost than other forms of advertising.  However, in order to be sure direct mail campaigns are successful, good direct mail list management is extremely important.

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