Cover Letter + Brochure = A Diverse Direct Marketing Kit

A marketing brochure is your best bet when you want to highlight the features and benefits of your service or product, but a cover letter is more effective when it comes to convincing potential customers that your product/service is something they need.

Combine both of these marketing mediums in the same envelope, and you’ll have a diverse marketing kit that not only educates your target market but also gently pushes them to take that next step.

Something for everyone

After opening a direct mail envelope, most recipients will grab for either the brochure or the cover letter. But this isn’t random. Some people prefer to dive into the details of a brochure first. Others want to know what’s in it for them before they spend more time perusing things, so they start with the cover letter. It’s personal. Include both in your marketing kit, and you’re sure to satisfy everyone’s preference.

Creating a superior cover letter

Everyone knows what to include in a brochure, but they freeze when it comes to writing a personal cover letter. Included below are five tips:

  1. Grab the reader’s attention right away by stating a question, a fact, or the number one most compelling benefit of your product/service.
  1. Get to the point quickly. Focus on the one or two most important benefits of your product or service.
  1. Make sure the reader understands how they’ll benefit – and why they’ll be better off – using your product or service. Don’t simply list features; talk about the benefits of those features.
  1. Keep your writing lively, interesting and engaging, but avoid sales hype.
  1. Always end with a request that the reader take action.


Big companies pay big bucks to have personalized cover letters added to their mailings, because they’re usually mailing tens of thousands of the things. In your case, you can use your personal computer to easily customize the salutation (“Dear Leanne”) for each recipient, print the final product on your office printer, fold it by hand, slip it into an envelope with a brochure, then drop everything in the mail. It’s simple (and, when you do it yourself, dirt cheap).

Give it a try

Mailing a brochure and cover letter together is a proven strategy for boosting your marketing. Give it a try (but don’t rely on it exclusively – make it part of a larger, diverse marketing program). As with any new marketing effort, you’ll need to try it for three or four mailings – and pay close attention to the results – before making any changes or coming to any final conclusions.

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