Five Reasons Why Email Marketing Programs Rock

If you’ve been using direct mail to grow your business, you’ve no doubt wondered how email marketing compares – and whether it could be effectively incorporated. This month, we pull back the covers on this powerful marketing medium, explain its advantages, show how to side-step the most common mistakes, and provide a simple marketing plan anyone can use. Spend a few minutes today with the three articles below, and you’ll be able to launch an effective email marketing campaign of your own tomorrow.

Five Reasons Why Email Marketing Programs Rock

Email Marketing Programs

Email Marketing Programs


  1. It’s Affordable

    Email is by far the least expensive of all the traditional marketing mediums used by small- and mid-sized businesses. Because there are no materials or production costs involved, the only thing you’re really paying for is the technology.

  2. It’s Targeted

    Successful salespeople tailor their pitch to the wants and needs of the person standing in front of them. Email allows you to do the same thing. You can segment your mailing list into very select clusters, then target each of those with unique messages, reminders, updates, special offers and more.

  3. It’s Measurable

    With most marketing mediums, the only real way to measure success is to add up the number of leads or the attributable sales. But with email, you can track who received your marketing message, when they opened it, what they clicked on, how many forwarded the email to others, plus more.

  4. It’s Easy

    If you’ve ever launched a direct mail campaign through , you’ll be pleased to learn that sending a marketing email is just as easy. In minutes, you can create and launch a powerful email marketing effort with no technical expertise whatsoever.

  5. It Works

    Okay, so it’s efficient, effective and easy … but does email marketing really work? You better believe it. According to the latest study from the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing produced more than $45 in profit for every dollar spent on it in 2008. Isn’t it time your marketing started generating those kind of results?

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