Email Drip Campaigns: How to Win the Affection of New Prospects

Email Drip CampaignWhen you hear the word drip, a leaky faucet might be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet for many successful marketers, it’s more likely to conjure up thoughts of a highly effective way to build brand recognition and transform prospects into revenue-generating customers.

What Is an Email Drip Campaign?
In its simplest terms, an email drip campaign is a marketing communication strategy that distributes a set of targeted messages via email to customers or prospects over a set period of time. While the term drip campaign is widely recognized by marketers, this form of outbound communication is also called lifecycle emails, auto email campaigns, and marketing automation. Unlike other forms of email marketing, email drip campaigns have a pre-determined course to drive specific actions in the recipients. In most cases, these campaigns are automated with the use of an email marketing solution. Email drip campaigns often go hand-in-hand with a landing page where a prospect or customer will enter contact information to receive specific content.

There are an unlimited number of ways that an email drip campaign can be executed. For example, an email can be sent out immediately after a lead completes an autoresponder form on a landing page. Another email can go out three days later with a reminder being sent a week later. The content of the email can be targeted based on the responses within the landing page form or specific actions made by the lead. When email drip campaigns are customized based on specific actions an individual takes on a website, it is also sometimes called behavioral email marketing. The duration of the email drip campaign will differ depending on your target audience and the products and services that you’re selling.

Why They Work
Email drip campaigns can be highly successful for a variety of reasons. First, they help establish a relationship over a set period of time. This can increase brand recognition, build customer retention, and drive sales. They can also generate interest and momentum ahead of an announcement or event and are ideal for driving cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Some other ways to successfully use email drip campaigns include:

• Abandoned Shopping Carts
• Confirmation of an Order
• Nurturing Leads
• Onboarding
• Renewal Reminders

You’ve Brought Prospects to Your Website, Now What?
If you’ve successfully driven prospects to your website, you definitely want to ensure they will take the next step toward becoming customers. This is where an email drip campaign can be particularly valuable. If someone signs up for your newsletter, blog, or to gather more information, you can introduce them further to your business, products, and services with a welcome drip email. This can be followed by an email that features customer stories or a link to a gated white paper or instructional content. Interestingly, marketing researchers have discovered that most prospects and customers will welcome regular emails if they’ve signed up for information or have recently become a customer.

Strive for Personalization
Generic emails are similar to junk mail. They’re not likely to generate interest. Decision-makers don’t have time for reading and responding to bulk emails that don’t offer any contextual information. This is why’s it’s wise to generate targeted email drip campaigns based on a specific encounter or query. Each email can be specifically written in a logical order to drive the recipient to take the next step in a way that’s interesting and compelling.

Encourage Sharing
While the goal is to encourage the recipient of the email to progress their customer journey, it doesn’t hurt to encourage them to share your content with others. Don’t forget to provide links within your content back to your website, as well as links to your social media channels. You never know who may wind up receiving the email and what action they will take.

Sweeten the Deal
Email drip campaigns are a prime opportunity to offer a promotion, discount or freebie. Consider creating buildup for the savings within your content to encourage the email recipient to actively look for the next email in the campaign. Then, graphically highlight what you’re offering and clearly communicate the value. Don’t forget to keep track of results. You’ll likely to find that drip email campaigns with promotions can offer a tremendous return on investment.

Be Persistent
Drip campaigns enable you to remain top of mind with a customer without having to take time out of your busy day to write individual follow-up emails. If you craft your emails effectively, your prospects will not think that hundreds, if not thousands, of other prospects also received the same email. The more personalized the content is, the more effective the campaign will be.

Are you ready to create a drip campaign that transforms prospects into customers? The first step is choosing the right email campaign solution.

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