Five Tips for Email Marketing Success

Five Tips for Email Marketing Success

There’s no need to become an expert before launching an email marketing campaign, but follow these five rules, and you’ll avoid the most common mistakes.

    1. Get Permission

      Ever heard of the CAN-SPAM Act? It’s the 2003 federal law that makes it illegal to send marketing emails to people against their wishes. To avoid the penalties, make sure you have permission to send emails from everyone on your mailing list.

    2. Grow Your Mailing List the Right Way

      So how do you get prospects and clients to volunteer to receive your marketing emails? Offer to enter them in a sweepstakes. Dangle a free white paper, a limited-time trial, a special discount or other prize. Add a button to your website (and a poster to your trade show booth) that says “sign up for our FREE newsletter.” Use direct mail to attract new subscribers. And encourage everyone who receives your emails to forward them on to family, friends and coworkers.

    3. Use Professionally-Designed Templates

      Don’t try creating your own marketing emails. Seriously. With all the different email service providers out there – each with its own quirks and set of rules – it takes a real pro to create a format that works for them all. The best templates feature:

      • Layouts that display clearly in the “preview” panes so popular today
      • Text for headlines and key messages (so they’re visible even with images disabled)
      • Lots of opportunities to personalize the email template with your own photos, logos, key messages and more.
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

  1. Make Sure Your Subject Line Attracts Attention

    Choosing a good subject line for your marketing emails is crucial. Be direct. Mention the main benefit of reading the email. Include your company name. Avoid the words that spammers use (“free,” “trial,” “money,” “limited-time”), as well as multiple exclamation points and dollar signs. And limit the whole thing to less than 50 characters (including spaces).

  2. Don’t Forget the “From”

    Some marketers don’t realize the importance of the “From Name” in a marketing email. Big mistake. In a recent survey, almost 60 percent of consumers said knowing and trusting the sender is their primary reason for opening an e-mail. Use a name your target audience will recognize right away (usually a brand name or a company name; sometimes the name of a specific contact person), then continue to use that same name for all your future marketing emails.

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