The One Question You Should Always Ask Yourself: ‘Who cares?”

Too often, real estate agents and other professional-services providers write things in their marketing materials that very few people beyond their office walls would honestly care about.

For example, it’s not uncommon to see marketing statements that read something like, “Over the last three years, business at our brokerage has been growing by leaps and bounds. In 2013 alone, we managed more than 1,100 real estate transactions for our clients.”

The One Question You Should Always Ask Yourself: "Who Cares?"

The One Question You Should Always Ask Yourself: "Who Cares?"

If that sounds like a statement you might like to include in your next marketing brochure, keep reading (because it’s a bad idea).

You could argue that boasting about the number of sales completed shows you’re running a successful brokerage. But to many potential clients, a statement like the one above will come across as unimportant. It doesn’t resonate for the reader. They won’t care enough to keep reading.

Instead, consider writing something more client-focused; “Every real estate transaction we handle is treated as a unique situation – which is why every one of our clients feels like our only client. We may handle hundreds of purchases and sales each year (1,100 in 2013 alone), but to us, each one is a new and exciting opportunity to help a new friend find the perfect home, the ideal neighborhood – or the best buyer.”

With a statement like that, it shows you understand the wants and needs of your target market (every client thinks they’re unique and wants to be treated like the owner’s special friend). Plus, it helps demonstrate what makes you different from all those competitors: in this case, quality customer service.

Another common mistake is to focus too much on the features of a product or service – without explaining how those things will benefit the reader (your prospective client).

This is an example of a feature: “We have long-standing relationships with some of the industry’s best mortgage providers.”

This is how you turn that feature into a benefit for the reader: “Our long-standing relationships with top-rated mortgage providers means you get direct access to the fast service, full support (and affordable home loan) you need to be successful in today’s hyper-competitive housing market.”

Also, remember that industry jargon is for industry insiders. Don’t use it to communicate with your target market. Use terms everyone is sure to understand – especially if your target market includes first-time home buyers.

The concept is simple: You need to think like your clients … put yourself in their shoes. But doing so can be difficult for novice marketers.

So, the next time you’re jotting down ideas for things you might like to write in your next marketing postcard, ask yourself: If I was a stressed-out mom or dad receiving this card in my mailbox, would this wording capture my interest? Would I care enough to file the card for future reference, or pass it along to a friend? Is the wording compelling enough to make me want to choose this company over another? If your answer to those questions isn’t “yes,” take another look at the examples above.

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