STOP Scratching the Surface


If you browse your social media accounts long enough, you’re guaranteed to encounter a slew of “Throwback Thursday” hashtags (commonly known as #TBT).

Well today is Thursday, and I want to share a marketing-related #TBT with you.


Last month Xpressdocs launched Xpress Mobile, and its release stirred up the memory of SoLoMo.

SoLoMo was a popular term amongst marketers, and it focused on the importance of combining three critical marketing elements: social, local, and mobile.

When these three marketing vehicles are aligned, the reach of a campaign goes far beyond what any of them could achieve on a standalone basis. And while SoLoMo may not be the hot term it once was, the practice of incorporating these elements into your marketing strategy has not lost its wind. (Psst… if you’re looking to SoLoMo your marketing, be sure to explore Xpress Mobile, Social HQ, and our hyperlocal list building options!)

Today’s world is segmented, and multi-tiered campaigns are a must. Adding a mobile marketing element with geo-targeting capabilities provides the powerful opportunity to reach your desired audience at the right time and place – ultimately shortening the gap between your business and a potential customer.

Back to the Now

Time spent using the internet on mobile devices is now greater than time spent using desktops, with mobile accounting for 51% compared to desktops at 42%. Plus, more consumers are using mobile devices for discovery and search. (It’s a major reason we developed the Xpress Mobile product!) If you’re serious about reaching your targeted audience, focus on the medium they use most.

Now take your efforts a step further with in-app advertising. Consumer time spent on mobile apps is 89% compared to that of mobile web browsing at 11%.

In-app advertising is heightened by location data, a key element to increasing engagement with your mobile ad. Location data offers an opportunity to target the right audience among different customer groups – down to even the narrowest parameter – at the right time and encourage them to interact without interruption. So if you’re looking to boost a time-sensitive event, or give your brand more visibility overall, in-app mobile ads are the ideal marketing vehicle you need to consider.

Direct mail remains a fundamental marketing vehicle, along with email and social, but you need to promote your business by optimizing where customers find you – through their smartphone and other mobile devices.

Fan the Flames

Like any goal (…I’m looking at you weight loss…) you don’t reach it with a solitary attempt. You must regularly work mobile ads into your marketing behavior.

In-app mobile marketing allows for precision analysis by tracking ad views, clicks, calls, emails, maps, and more, making campaign optimization an ongoing process as well. These ongoing efforts will deliver results, encourage renewed interest, and set your marketing achievements on fire.

So… you know that non-existent mobile strategy you have? Let’s fix that.






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