Using QR Codes in Real Estate to Generate Interaction

Using QR CodesQR codes, if they are handled properly, can turn direct mail campaigns into interactive events.  QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that allow consumers to scan information directly into their smartphone in order to access online information.  This information can lead the customer to a company website, allow them to access a special offer, coupon or free gift, or even register for a special event.  QR codes have also been used by doctors and dentists to allow patients to set up an appointment simply by scanning the code and entering the information from their mobile device.

Eliminates Some Response Barriers

In a direct mail campaign, customers often receive the advertisement and either do not act upon it right away or ignore it completely.  By incorporating QR codes into the mailing, you offer the consumer the ability to access more information through the company online presence than you can include in a simple postcard or mailing.  Since the technology is fairly new in the United States, many consumers are curious to see how the process works and may be more likely to test the process when they receive a mailing with a QR code.

Use Unique QR Codes

Unlike one-dimensional bar codes that are familiar in the retail setting, QR codes can be customized artistically.  QR codes have an error level tolerance built into the code that allows for various colors and designs to be used to make the code stand out.  Codes can be imbedded into product packaging or can be included in unique logo designs making them stand out when customers receive them in the mail.  However, it is important that the user recognizes the QR code, so be sure that the design is not lost in the packaging completely.

Include Alternatives for Non-Smartphone Users

Because smartphones are relatively new in the mobile device market, it is important to remember that not all consumers will have a smartphone and therefore, will be unable to access a QR code.  In fact, there may be some customers who either don’t have a mobile device at all or who use one so rarely the device doesn’t have the camera capability to scan the code.  For this reason, always include a hyperlink, SMS text message or other option for non-smartphone users to retrieve the information contained in the code as well.

Although it would seem that the online community and the physical world cannot work together in an advertising campaign, this is far from true.  By incorporating QR codes in a direct mail campaign, companies can promote their online presence while still offering customers they type of contact they prefer.  For more information on using QR codes in the physical world, visit

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