So Many Updates, We Had to Tell You About it


Xpressdocs has so many platform updates coming soon, we had to tell you about it! We are excited to launch these updates that will not only improve your user experience, but also give you more flexibility with your orders. Click on a link below to get more detail about each update.

Shopping Cart

In addition to checking out with multiple items at the same time, we also now offer split billing and payment options. Order your business cards, flyers and direct mail campaigns with the flexibility to use multiple credit cards.

  • Checkout Multiple Orders at a Time
  • Minimize Checkout Time
  • Enhanced Split Payment/Billing Options
Platform Updates:
  1. Shopping Cart Button – Located at the top of your navigation bar, this button allows you to access your shopping cart from any webpage. It also shows how many items you have currently in your shopping cart by displaying the number in parenthesis.
  2. Checkout Page with Multiple Line Items– Once you have completed all of your orders, you will come to the checkout page. On this page, each order will appear as a single line item ready to purchase. To edit individual line items, simply click on the edit icon. To view more details about your order, click on the Order Details tab.
  3. Future Date Fulfillment Scheduling – This feature of the platform is located on the Order Options page within the ordering process. Simply select a future date on the calendar for when you want to process your order. (see Future Date Scheduling for more detail)
  4. Enhanced Billing & Payment Options – Xpressdocs makes it easier than ever to apply multiple payment options to your order. Choose from co-pays, billing accounts, store credits, vouchers and more!
  5. Multiple Credit Card Payments – On the Checkout Page you have the option to apply multiple credit cards payments in different amounts to pay for your orders.
  6. Continue Shopping Button – On the Checkout Page you now have the option to continue shopping. Simply click on the “Continue Shopping” button and your shopping cart will be saved.
  7. Checkout Complete Page with Printed Cart Receipt – After you have completed checkout you will arrived at your Checkout Complete page. From here you have the option to print a receipt of your shopping cart. Simply click on the “View Print Version” button at the top of the page.
  8. Pending Orders Page – Your Pending Orders page features a shopping cart icon when your order has been assigned to a shopping cart. You will find this icon under the “In Cart” column.
  9. Order History Page – The orders on your Order History page are now organized by shopping cart with a Cart ID.
  10. Xpresslinks E-Postcard Sharing – Did you know you can share your postcards and flyers online and with your social network? Xpressdocs added a large Xpresslinks button to your Checkout Complete page for every order/line item. Just click on the “Share Your Campaign with Your Social Network” link to get started.
  11. Updated User Experience – You should also notice that with our shopping cart updates we have refreshed the platform design. Xpressdocs will continue to make these updates throughout the platform in the future.

Future Date Fulfillment Scheduling

Xpressdocs starts processing the fulfillment of your order the same-day you place it. This platform feature allows you to schedule the fulfillment of your order for a future date. Now you have the flexibility to order your business cards to ship now, send out a direct mail campaign in a month and ship flyers next week.

  • Order Now for Delivery Later
  • Set-Up Strategic Ship or Mail Dates
  • Increases Order Flexibility
How it Works:
  1. After selecting the delivery method for your order during the order process you will come to the Order Options page. From the Order Options page, there is an option to Schedule Future Fulfillment Date. Simply click on the calendar icon and select a future date from the date picker for when you want your order to be fulfilled and processed. Keep in mind that fulfillment does not include shipping or mailing time.
  2. You can change your fulfillment date up to 2 business day before it gets processed from the Order History page. Click on fulfillment date under the Delivery Status column for the order you wish to update. This will bring you to your Scheduled Orders page. From here you can click on the calendar icon to open the date picker and select a new fulfillment date.


APM (Automated Property Marketing) Platform Updates

Xpressdocs has updated the platform user experience for our Automated Property Marketing program. Now you can easily navigate to your APM properties and APM profile all within a consolidated APM landing page.

Platform Updates:
  • APM Landing Page – Click on the APM tab from the Home page and you will access your APM landing page. This page features an overview of the APM program and enables you to easily navigate to your APM Properties page or your APM Profile page from the tabs at the top of the page.
  • APM Properties Page – From the APM landing page, select the APM Properties tab at the top of the page. This page features a table of all your APM properties/new listings and their details. Simply click on the “Place/Edit” link next to your new listing to start a new APM order.
  • APM Profile Page – You can update your default APM profile at any time by clicking on the APM Profile tab at the top of the APM landing page. From here you can make changes to your default APM template, radius list, contact information and more.

Enhanced Image Editor

Xpressdocs Image Editor has gotten a makeover! Now it is easier than ever to crop and edit your images to fit perfectly within your marketing templates. The editor will still have its basic editing functions such as crop, rotate, grayscale and crop to template, but now they are easier to use.

  • Crop – To apply a basic crop to your image, start by clicking on the Crop icon. Then simply move and re-size the red crop box to the desired crop area on your image and click the “Apply Crop” button. If you are pleased, click the “Save and Continue” button and your cropped image will drop into your photo gallery.
  • Crop to Template – With the “Crop to Template” option you have the ability to crop your images to fit within the photo areas of your chosen template. Start by clicking the “Crop” icon, then select “Crop to Template”. This will load your template into the Image Editor. Select Side A or Side B to choose which side of your template and photo area you would like to adjust your image to fit. Once selected, start by re-sizing the red crop-box to match the photo area you would like to replace within the template. Next move around and re-size your uploaded image by clicking and dragging it until it best fits within the red crop-box area. Then click the “Apply Crop” button. If you are pleased, click the “Save and Continue” button and your cropped image will drop into your photo gallery.
  • Transparency – This tool is used in conjunction with the “Crop to Template” tool. You can toggle the transparency of your uploaded image on and off to more easily re-size and find your desired crop location on the template.
  • Rotate – Use this icon to rotate your image.
  • Grayscale – Use the Grayscale icon to convert your image to black and white, this will take away the color.
  • Undo – Click the Undo button to delete your last actions
  • Reset- Click the Reset button to delete all changes and return your image to its original state.

Updated Left-Hand Navigation

Xpressdocs has updated the left-hand navigation under the Print and Direct Mail tab on your platform. The new navigation allows for dropdown categories, making it easier to find your desired print and direct mail templates.

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