New Movers Are Big Spenders

Most small businesses have a niche they like to target with their marketing (a particular neighborhood, an age group, people from a specific socio-demographic, etc.). But there’s one niche that just about every business can benefit from: new-movers.

“New-movers” are households that have been living at their current address for 12 months or less. And boy are they eager to develop relationships with the service providers in their new neighborhood. Think about it: These are folks who need to find a new bank, a new gym, a new gardening service, a new tanning salon, new service providers for their pets, new doctors and so much more.

According to studies by the U.S. Postal Service and Moving Targets, 80 percent of new-movers are actively searching for businesses to establish long-term relationships with (and most end up spending an average of $7,100 for services and goods directly attributable to their relocation). Talk about a target market with potential!

So how can you lure these fat wallets into your business? To tell the truth, just about any marketing effort lobbed at a newly established household has a good chance of success. In fact, the more the merrier. These are people who are going to eagerly review just about every marketing effort they get, so the more often they’re exposed to your name, face and company name, the more likely they are to consider your company the go-to resource in the area. Offering something for free is your best bet, but even a marketing postcard titled “Welcome to the Neighborhood” will get them pointed in your direction.

Rounding up contact information for these folks is simple, too. Inexpensive new-mover mailing lists are available from a number of marketing services, including Xpressdocs.

Last year, more than 35 million Americans moved to new homes (and went looking for new service providers). Isn’t it about time you started introducing them to your business?

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