Mobile Marketing with QR Codes: Link to Mobile Site

Although QR codes have been popular in Japan since the mid-1990’s, they are just now getting attention here in the United States.  QR, or quick response, codes are similar to barcodes only they are read using a smartphone camera with a special QR code reader installed.  Many merchants have begun displaying them in store windows and adding them to print media, such as flyers and business cards.  This new method of mobile marketing technology must be used properly, however, in order to make it more than just a gimmick with your customers.

Mobile Marketing with QR Codes


QR codes are fairly new so it is wrong to assume that everyone knows what they are and how they work.  Whenever you are using mobile marketing with QR codes in your advertising, be sure to put directions on how to use the codes to be sure your customers understand this mobile marketing technology.  Rather than just place the code on the page, include a link where the customer can download the QR code reader in case it is not already installed on the phone and let them know what they will be linking to, whether it is a special offer or additional information about a product.

Be Sure Link is Mobile Friendly

Although most smartphones can display any type of website, designing a QR code that will land on a site specifically designed for mobile phones will allow customers to navigate the information more quickly and avoid having to enlarge the site in order to read it.  In addition, use simpler codes in your QR code so that the data is easily readable by more mobile phones since older phones may have difficulty reading longer codes.  Although phone technology has increased dramatically over the past few years, not everyone has the newest phone available, so design your mobile marketing technology to meet the needs of more of your customers.


One of the most important things to do when using mobile marketing technology such as QR codes is to test the codes with a wide range of different mobile devices.  Because each device works differently, testing the code on as many different devices as possible will insure that the majority of your customers can also access the information.

Engage the Customer

Although customers may find it fun to link to your website using a QR code, more will enjoy accessing a site that gives discounts or special offers they can only get by accessing using mobile marketing technology.  By giving customers something of value, they will be more likely to continue using the QR codes you provide.

Mobile marketing technology is becoming increasingly popular and the use of QR codes is growing as well.  By following a few tips, you can make the most out of the use of QR codes and increase your customer base significantly.  Visit our website for more information on mobile marketing technology.

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