Real Estate Agents Mobile Marketing with QR Codes

One of the latest technologies being used by real estate agents is mobile marketing with QR codes. QR codes, which are actually known as “Quick Response” codes are similar to barcodes that can be scanned using the camera of a smartphone.  When the customer scans the code, they are taken to an online location such as a website, blog, Facebook, YouTube or other site that has been set up by the real estate agent.   There are several ways that QR codes can be used by real estate agents, but there are also some words of caution regarding where and how to use them.Mobile Marketing with QR Codes

Yard Signs

One place that many real estate agents are having success with QR codes is on yard signs.  Placing a QR code on a yard sign allows someone who is passing by to scan the code and access a website that may have color photos, property details or even link them to virtual tours of the inside of the home.  Experts do suggest that real estate agents do not just link to a generic website with multiple listings, but link the code to a site that is specific to the home where the yard sign is located.  In addition, one of the key things to remember about QR codes is that the code should link to a mobile friendly site since some phones are not equipped to display all types of websites.  The code should also not require a user to log-in or start a special account to view the site as this is much more difficult on a phone than on a computer.

Printed Materials

Printed materials are actually the best place for real estate agents to use QR codes.  Placing a QR code on a business card allows a customer to scan the code into their phone and immediately add your information to their contacts.  Because making yard signs can be expensive, it may be cost prohibitive to put a unique QR code on yard signs making them specific to a house, so including the code on a house flyer attached to the sign is an excellent idea, as you can link them to virtual tours and additional details about the home that you may not be able to include on the flyer.  Placing QR codes on post cards mailings allows a customer to use their phone immediately upon receipt of the post card to go to the site without having to turn on their computer, sign into the internet, type in a website address and wait to see what the postcard was about.

Printed Advertising

Including a QR code in a newspaper advertisement is also a good way for real estate agents to draw customer attention.  By including unique QR codes for specific houses in printed advertising, customers are able to access additional information about a property that may be too expensive to include in the printed advertisement.  QR codes can also be printed on promotional items, such as key chains, magnets, Frisbees, or any other item your company hands out at expos and trade shows.

Real estate agents are seeing many benefits to using QR codes on yard signs, in printed materials and in advertising, but there are cautions that must be considered.  For more information on how real estate agents can use QR codes, visit

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