Marketing Messages That Make Baby Boomers Want to Buy

Marketing postcards are an excellent marketing tool for reaching Baby Boomers – a generation that grew up with the U.S. Mail as its primary form of communication to the outside world. While also tremendously tech-savvy (Baby Boomers love Facebook, email and search engines), this group still anxiously awaits each day’s delivery to the mailbox.

But what should you write? When you’ve got a house for sale that seems perfectly suited for an active, fiscally fit senior couple, what are the postcard marketing messages that will make this group sit up and take notice? Included below, eight suggestions.Marketing for Baby Boomers

“A right-sized house with smart updates and thoughtful amenities”

Image, status and neighborhood standing are not as important to Baby Boomers today. They don’t aspire to having the biggest or most expensive home in the neighborhood. They’re focused on practicality and functionality.


“New windows throughout (a $12,000 investment in energy conservation)”

Baby Boomers are suspicious of, and turned-off by, marketing hyperbole and sweeping claims. Whenever possible, provide them with the straight facts.

“Enjoy your privacy in this vibrant and close-knit community”

Baby Boomers definitely want to be involved in their community, but the “Me Generation” also puts great value on its “Me Time” and personal privacy. Show them how your real estate listing can fulfill both wants.

“Relive your childhood in this safe, family-friendly neighborhood”

Yes, many Baby Boomers came of age in during the war protests and love-ins. But they also have very strong, fond memories of the innocent and carefree times of the 1950s and early 1960s.

“Many nearby volunteer and outreach opportunities”

Baby Boomers have a strong desire to help others and be needed. They want to go into each week with a mission, a cause, and a way to make a difference. If there are opportunities for these caring souls to make a difference in the neighborhood (there almost always are), highlight them.

“Workshop and gardening space for hobbies and more”

Be sure to highlight any aspects of the house that would be good for serious hobbies. Most Baby Boomers have free-time passions and a strong desire to stay busy.

“Relax and entertain in the well-appointed living spaces”

As involved and plugged-in as Baby Boomers want to be, they also crave downtime, and downtime with close friends.

“See for more facts and photos”

Before making a big purchase, Baby Boomers will spend more time than most reviewing all the facts, making comparisons and studying the pros and cons. This is when a robust property website is especially helpful.

NOTE: Baby Boomers are full of contradictions; they want to do and have it all, and often choose extremes; so don’t be thrown by the contradictory nature of some of these marketing messages – they all have a place, even when used all-together.

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