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These headlines scream for attention in our digital world, each with a different message but ultimately attempting the same result — the end user’s responsiveness. Among the inbox pollution, your email could easily get lost in the clutter, so why send it?

Simply put, emails work. Consumers read emails and actively use them for news and deals. In fact, studies reveal emails received a $44 return on investment for every dollar spent. So how can you ensure to get results on the leading marketing platform without getting sent to the trash, or worse, spam folder?

Incorporate these proven communications practices to guarantee your email marketing campaigns work.

Responsive Designs

There are no set hours as to when people read their emails, in fact, thanks to technological advancements, emails are readily accessible at your fingertips thanks to our cell phones. Yet, much like print messaging, not all designs are necessarily good designs. With open rates at 68% in mobile, it is extremely important to have your message appear the way it was intended on our handheld devices.

A responsive design is one where design and development adapt to the screen size and orientation based on each platform. When shopping for an email service provider, check to see that mobile device testing is available. Also, prior to sending your highly anticipated campaign, always send tests to guarantee your email responds as expected. Getting an open is one thing but having a beautiful email will resonate with your customer.

Targeted Audience 

Your reputation speaks volumes in digital mediums, especially in those where your success rate depends on an open rate. In order to validate your credibility, be sure your recipient list are specifically opt-ins only. To avoid your brand being invasive and a nuisance, your communications should be subscription based to avoid negative connotation to your company as well as a high opt-out rate.

To develop a distribution list full of prospective leads, market your emails, both informational and promotional on webpages, social posts and trade shows. Have a form created with specific, mandatory fields to help you segment your newest email subscriber. Fields such as, names, organizations, interests, and title are a few to assist you in delivering a suitable email campaign to your market.

 Getting Personal

You’ve created a flawless email and perfect distribution list, but now comes the daunting task of hitting those open rate goals. With an influx of emails in consumer’s inboxes, how can you rise above and be seen? It’s about to get personal.

Implementing personalization within the subject line and/or body copy has proven to increase opens. 82% of marketers who have tested personalizing emails witnessed an increase in their email open rates.  When you leverage enticing content along with customer names it definitely enhances curiosity. According to a study in 2018, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than those without. With success numbers like these it is time to get personal with your email campaigns.

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