How to Create Killer Landing Pages

Anytime you direct prospective customers to your website for more information (with statements in your marketing materials like “learn more” or “get all the details”), you should be sending them to a special landing page, not your home page.

killer landing pagesYour home page is cluttered with all kinds of extraneous information. A landing page, on the other hand, is a page created just for promoting one particular marketing effort, which makes it a great deal more effective at closing the sale.

Plus, landing pages let you track the effectiveness of each marketing effort (you can count how many people visited the page, when they visited, where they visited from, what they viewed on the page, how long they stayed on the landing page and so much more).

Just using landing pages will almost certainly improve your marketing response. But if you want to really boost revenues, make sure your landing pages include the following:

A matching look and feel
Your landing page should match the look and feel of your marketing piece – and communicate the same messages. Those things worked the first time (they got the person to visit your landing page), so you’ll want to continue using them. Plus, you don’t want to confuse your prospects.

An attractive, clutter-free layout
Visitors to your landing page are interested in getting some very specific information. Plus, you’re trying to close a sale. So don’t clutter the page with anything that’s not directly focused on this one offer.

Specific benefits
Make sure the reader understands how they’ll benefit – and why they’ll be better off – using your product or service. Don’t simply list features; talk about the benefits of those features.

A clear call-to-action
People need to be motivated to take the next step – which means you need to clearly communicate the advantage of taking action now. Whether you want people to call, come into your store, download an e-book or sign up on your mailing list, make sure they understand why they shouldn’t put that off for even one more day.

See a sample
For a sample landing page that includes all of the above, see real estate broker Jeff Kessler’s landing page for his rebate program.

Match your printed material to your landing page for consistent branding.

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