How Top Producers Generate More Sales Leads

Everyone knows that top real estate producers are extremely hard workers. But, after years of helping these overachievers with their marketing, we’ve noticed they also rely on the following tricks to keep sales leads rolling in.

They leverage the power of different marketing mediums

Top producers have learned through trial and error that every marketing medium has its own unique strength:

  • Direct mail is best for finding new customers and getting them to make a purchase.
  • Email is ideal for getting them to make another purchase, provide a referral and otherwise interact.
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social media are great for encouraging feedback, having conversations and building long-term relationships.


They’re consistent

Typically, top producers roll out a new marketing effort about every two or three weeks. And that strategy really seems to work. The more mailings, emails and social media people receive from these agents, the more comfortable the prospect becomes, and the more likely they are to trust the top producer with their business.

They impress people with data

Any real estate agent can promise results. But top producers tend to back up their claims with facts, figures and statistics – which can make all the difference if you want the recipient to believe what you say.

They team up with other businesses

Top producers are much more likely to team up with another business to cross-promote their products and services. The advantages of this arrangement are multi-fold:

  • Both businesses get immediate access to the others’ marketing list.
  • An endorsement from the partner business can generate powerful referral business.
  • Combining budgets usually produces higher-quality marketing materials (and often reduces overall marketing costs).

They target their marketing messages

Instead of mailing one generic marketing piece to their whole list of prospects, many top producers send targeted messages and special offers to sub-groups (new-movers, retirees, renters, referral sources, etc.). The smaller the group, and the more targeted the message, the better the results can be.

They use special offers

Top producers use special offers to inspire prospective clients to take action:

  • They hold contests (for a trip, a TV, or some other big-ticket item) to gather the contact information of potential clients.
  • They offer rewards (a $20 gas card, movie tickets, etc.) to generate referrals.

They analyze results

To determine how well different marketing efforts are performing, top producers track how many contacts, sales and referrals result from each. Some also use Google Analytics (a free service from Google) to analyze how many people are visiting their website, and what they do on each website page.

They’re always testing new approaches

Even when their marketing is working well, top producers are always tweaking the offer, trying new headlines, changing the text – anything to try and make the marketing produce even more sales leads. They’re also very good about supplementing their current marketing with all-new approaches.

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