How to Create a Slogan that Sells

For many companies, a corporate slogan is little more than an afterthought. But a good slogan can play a critical role in your overall brand strategy – and provide a rare opportunity to show people how you’re different from competitors.

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So how do you create a slogan people will remember and respond to? Follow these six suggestions about how to create a slogan that sells.

Keep it short. Most people simply can’t remember slogans that include a bunch of buzz words and qualifiers. Try to limit yours to no more than 10 words.

Make it memorable. Creative slogans make people stop and think, which is exactly what you want. Look for ways to incorporate some fun: a play on words, a poke at your competitors, something that rhymes with your company name, etc. These retail store slogans are all good examples:

  • Jan’s Shoes: It’s all about finding the right fit
  • La Bella: For gifts that never get returned
  • Don’t settle for department stores. Shop La Bella.
  • Peerless Paper: For quality on a budget
  • Cake d’ Elegance: You can find anything on the Web – except our cakes
  • Blush: Everything you know about skin care is about to change

Mention something that makes you better. Every company should have some element that makes it a bit better from all others fighting for the same business. Whatever your differentiator, make sure it finds its way into your slogan. For examples, see these real estate slogans:

  • The suburban Chicago real estate specialists
  • The direct link to urban living
  • The advantage of an urban-living expert
  • No one is more connected to the Gold Coast community
  • Our name opens doors. Our experience closes deals.
  • Welcome to the agency that makes you the priority
  • Everything I touch turns to sold

Ensure it’s relevant to your target audience. You can have a slogan that’s attention-grabbing and memorable, but if it doesn’t mention something that’s important to your target audience, it’s still not going to make the grade. These athletic club examples are all relevant to their target audience (people struggling to stay healthy and lose weight):

  • The weight-loss solutions you’ve been searching for
  • If you want a better body, you need a better workout
  • We provide the motivation. You lose the weight.
  • Diets. Or an exercise program that works. You choose.
  • Weight goals just out of reach? We can help.
  • Ready to stop worrying about your weight?
  • Jumpstart your weight-loss program
  • Real people. Real results.

Avoid these mistakes. Stay away from clichés; they’ve been used so much that they’re drained of punch and appeal. Overused buzz words (like “passion,” “integrity” and “dynamic”) should also be avoided, partly because they don’t differentiate, and partly because they’ll seem dated before you know it.

Turn the process into a contest. It’s tough to think of just the right slogan, but friends, family and customers are always thrilled when you ask for their suggestions. Consider making it a contest, complete with online voting and a prize of some sort for the winner. For an example, see financial advisor Todd Tresidder’s slogan contest blog posting. He’s not only generating a wealth of ideas, he’s also creating valuable customer interactivity.

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