It’s Going to be a Busy Spring — For Everyone!

Spring Seasonal MarketingIt’s nearly spring, and there’s a lot of buzz surrounding how busy the new season is gearing up to be.

Having an action-packed quarter is a huge opportunity for professionals in a number of industries, but it can put those who don’t properly prepare (i.e. get their marketing strategies ready and working like a well-oiled machine) at a huge disadvantage.

Wondering what may be on tap for spring and how you can set your business up for success? Read on!


It’s no secret that spring is the most anticipated season in real estate.

Demand for homes is expected to increase, and experts are predicting that if something is priced right, in the right location, and is well maintained, it’s going to go fast. If you’re in the real estate business, you’re going to want in on the action!

Spring brings so much opportunity to connect with past, present, and prospective clients in a variety of ways — automated drip mail campaigns, engaging social media content, and regular email blasts about market updates.

And for many aggressive markets, real estate professionals are left with no choice but to implement a strategic marketing approach to stand out and get their share. One highly-effective way to do this is to use a tool like Xpress Mobile to publish geo-targeted mobile ads that showcase your marketing on the mobile devices of those most likely to act.

If nothing else, you should restock your business cards (perhaps it’s time for an upgrade?), or consider sending your leads something they can really dig into and utilize.


Buying a home is the biggest financial decision a person can make, and it’s not something they want to mess up.

With so many homebuyers coming into the fold this spring and changing mortgage rates, the need for financial guidance, lenders, financing options, and even home insurance providers will be booming.

If you’re a trustworthy, experienced lender or financial advisor who can help consumers choose the right option based on their financial situation, budget, and lifestyle, act now and prioritize your marketing.

With lenders bringing about new mortgage programs, municipal housing agencies offering more products to assist first-time homebuyers, and an influx of smaller banks and non-bank lending institutions getting into the lending game, consumers have several options — creating a highly competitive landscape for you.

Build a targeted list and send a direct mail piece detailing your specialties and services, or remind them it’s never too early to get prequalified. And with technological advances, such as variable data printing, there’s no excuse to miss out on the chance to personalize your marketing to resonate with these new prospective consumers.


Depending on how far a person relocates, they could need new healthcare facilities and providers — family doctors, dentists, emergency clinics, and local pharmacies to name a few. Now is the time to refresh your strategy for attracting new patients. Additionally, if you’re in the business of lawn care, auto repairs, gyms, or restaurants, there’s potential for an influx or people scouting out the businesses nearby their new address.

If you specialize in any of these areas, a well-crafted print and direct mail campaign could be the key to driving new business through the doors. But without a strategic approach, opportunities and potential wins are going to inevitably slip through the cracks.

Spring is right around the corner… is your marketing ready? Download our 2017 Marketing Guide for additional insight.

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