Fall Seasonal Marketing Ideas from Xpressdocs

Have you decided on your marketing plan for the fall season? Xpressdocs seasonal marketing is a great way to connect with customers and clients because it applies to everyone in your sphere and can be done year-round. To see the full collection, log in to your Xpressdocs account and click on the Seasonal tab.

Cozy up to fall with these marketing ideas:

fallcollagepostcardpic1. Fall Postcards – Celebrate the fall season by sending your customers a postcard from our cozy fall collection. And with so many beautiful designs to choose from, our fall themed postcards are sure to catch the eye of your clients and customers.

2. Fall Back Postcards November 2nd is Daylight Savings Time. Now is the time to send out a thoughtful reminder to your current and prospective clients to turn their clocks back. Your customers will not only appreciate it, but they will think of you next time they need a service like yours.

3. 2015 Magnet and Wall Calendars – Calendars are a great way to stay up front with your customers for a full year! Choose from a mail able strip magnet postcard or a hanging wall calendar. And we have lots of beautiful designs to choose from!

4. Halloween Postcards – Did you know that we design cards for Halloween? These are a fun and different way to connect with your sphere and are sure to delight your customers.

5. Thanksgiving Day Postcards –We know you love the Thanksgiving holiday as much as we do. Say thank you to your customers on a holiday that is all about giving thanks for the good things in life.

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