Developing a Personal Brand (That Potential Customers Will Remember)

People don’t recommend run-of-the-mill real estate professionals to their family and friends; they pass along the names of agents that are standouts. To achieve that kind of status, you not only have to be uniquely talented, you also have to establish a unique personal brand.branding

A personal brand not only projects a positive image, it also allows you to emphasize what it is that makes you better suited than your competitors.

Time for a self-assessment

The best personal brands combine some warm and memorable personal attributes (your red hair or oversized glasses, your company mascot, your big family, etc.), with some serious business advantages (your years of experience in a particular niche, your record of accomplishment, your one-stop collection of value-added services, etc.) Examples include:


  • The urban-living specialist with the cute Chihuahua dog.
  • The unpretentious “girl next door” that buyers and sellers can always count on.
  • The rugged former home builder who can help buyers discover the hidden potential in properties.
  • The successful business woman with an inside track on luxury properties.


Forget about the personal-brand basics, attributes like “friendly,” “experienced,” “ethical” or “knowledgeable.” Those are things all your competitors can easily claim as well (and usually do). They don’t set you apart from the pack, and they’re so basic that prospective clients expect them. Instead, focus on the attributes that come naturally, have real appeal to your target audience, and are good for the bottom-line.


For most agents, this kind of self-assessment can be really tough. Consider asking family, friends and long-time clients for their honest feedback and input about what makes you unique.


Add a tag line

A tag line does not make a personal brand. But it is an important component. Consider hiring a professional writer to help you create one that hits all the right notes (differentiates you from other real estate professionals, sticks in the minds of consumers, but isn’t overly corny). Or, consider adapting one of the examples below:


  • Your edge in a competitive real estate market
  • A trusted resource for local real estate
  • Luxury real estate services for select clientele
  • The urban-living specialist
  • The Central area specialist
  • The right realtor for this market
  • Setting the standard in San Jose real estate
  • Leading the way in the local real estate market
  • Building real estate relationships since 1984
  • Opening doors for real estate deals since 2001
  • Service that goes beyond the sale
  • The service you deserve. From people you can trust.
  • Service so superior it’s legendary
  • A passion to perform
  • Same price. Better real estate services.
  • A tradition of trust
  • Our local real estate roots run deep
  • Two real estate experts for the price of one
  • The advantage of a neighborhood specialist
  • Everything I touch turns to sold


Hire a graphic artist

Once you’ve settled on the attributes that best represent and differentiate you, it’s time to hire a graphic artist. A professional designer will be able to turn all of the above concepts into a memorable logo and a complimentary palette of colors that you can incorporate throughout all your marketing materials.


The final step

To make your new personal brand catch fire, you need to use it consistently – incorporating your new logo, tag line and corporate colors into everything you do (from business cards to blogs, marketing postcards to event sponsorships).


After a while, you’ll probably grow weary of using all the same things in all your marketing materials. And you’ll undoubtedly think of new ideas you could incorporate. That’s a mistake. Remember: Prospective clients are not seeing your branding on a regular basis, like you are. They come across your marketing materials only occasionally – and your branding needs to be consistent each time they see it. A strong, consistent personal brand is the way to build a memorable reputation.

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