5 Smart Phone Apps Every Agent Should Consider Downloading

Apps are like cable TV channels: Most are just a big waste of time. But there are some that can truly make you more efficient and effective – especially if you’re a busy real estate agent. Included below are five that deserve special consideration.5-Smart-Phone-Apps-Every-Agent-Should-Consider-Downloading

WatchMe 911 (personal security)

Personal safety is a top priority for most real estate agents, whose work requires them to meet with total strangers in often vacant homes. With the app “WatchMe 911” installed on your smart phone, you can rest a little easier in these situations. Designed by women, the app includes a “monitor me” function that will send out an emergency alert if it’s not turned off at a pre-determined time. Another function makes it easy to alert loved ones when you’ve safely arrived at your destination. Plus, there’s a panic button and a two-touch system for calling 911. To watch the app in action, see this video. Other options include the Guardly Safety App and SecureShow, an app that allows you to confirm the identity of a client before meeting them in-person.

GoConnect (task management)

Designed by real estate agents, GoConnect allows you to track all your to-dos, organize your listings and manage your contacts (clients, leads, referral sources, mortgage agents, lawyers, etc.) all from a convenient interface installed on your smart phone. Every day, the GoConnect app reminds you about your tasks for the day, and presents you with a list of milestones. To see the tasks for next week, just turn your phone on its side. It’s simple, clean and efficient. To learn more, visit the GoConnect website.

Realtor.com (house listings)

There are lots of apps that offer you and your clients access to the latest real estate listings, but the Realtor.com app taps into over 800 multiple listing services and updates those listings with the latest information every 15 minutes. Put simply, it’s bigger and better than the others. Plus, when you send a listing to a prospective client, it’s branded exclusively with your name, photo and contact information (not other prospective agents). Visit this webpage to see how easy the app is to use.

Dotloop (online collaboration / digital signatures)

This app makes processing all the paperwork associated with a home sale easier than ever. Using Dotloop, you can confidentially share contracts and other paperwork with the seller, buyer and any other parties, plus get those folks to complete all the appropriate blanks (including signature) directly from their smart phones. With all the paperwork for a project on one page, nothing gets lost and no one is confused. Best of all, you always know the status of every document, and you can be confident there are no loose ends. See the Dotloop video and website to learn more. If all you really want is a way to collect digital signatures on documents, there’s also the SignEasy app.

Evernote (content management)

Managing your notes and recording your thoughts is easy with the Evernote app. Use it to create and manage checklists, templates and meeting notes (typed or handwritten).  Use it to scan and store business cards and work receipts. Or, use it to record audio, take photos – and keep all those digital files at the ready. With Evernote, you can even turn your rough notes into polished presentation slides. To learn more, visit the Evernote website.

Are there other apps that you would strongly recommend? Use the “Leave a Reply” feature below to tout them to your fellow real estate agents.

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