December 2013

‘Free’ Isn’t the Only Word That Gets Results: Learn 6 Others

By | 2017-06-08T16:52:30+00:00 December 18th, 2013|Copywriting|

As tacky as it sounds to use the word “free” in your marketing materials, research continues to show it’s one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of prospective customers, reel them in and pump up sales. But “free” isn’t the only word capable of creating that kind of marketing magic. Six other [...]

The Secrets to Creating a Viral YouTube Video

By | 2017-06-08T16:52:35+00:00 December 9th, 2013|Social Media|

Creating a YouTube video has always been a great way to market a business, service or product. But you want something more. You want thousands of strangers to stare slack-jawed at your video, be completely drawn into it, then break out in laughter (or tears) before encouraging their friends and family to watch it – [...]

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