December 2012

Real Estate Marketing Tools: The Twitter Savvy Real Estate Agent

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Social media is an important real estate marketing tool, and Twitter is no exception. The fact that Twitter limits posts to 140 characters makes it easy for users to follow trending topics and offers the ability for consumers to connect globally. That’s why using Twitter in your marketing plans is crucial for lead generation and [...]

Holiday Marketing — Social Media Marketing During the Holidays

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Real estate agents know that the popularity of social media has grown tremendously in recent years, which is why any holiday marketing strategy must include effective social media marketing as well. Consumers increasingly rely on social media to get information about deals, as well as to learn more about products and services. […]

If Your Real Estate Marketing Plan Isn’t Working, Try a New Method

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Agencies often continue to use the same real estate marketing plan year after year, even when that plan is no longer working. The problem is determining which marketing plan achieves the best results. Answering that question is equivalent to saying blue is the best house color, sport utility vehicles are the only cars worth driving, [...]

Real Estate Market Predictions for 2013

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Now that the elections are over, many are wondering what real estate market predictions are for 2013.  Although the housing market forecast is brighter than it was for the start of 2012, many insiders warn that recovery will continue to be slow over the next few years. […]

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