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Xpress Connection lead nurturing

Automatically build lasting relationships with clients and prospects using Xpress Connection.

Xpress Connection is an automated lead nurturing and customer retention program from Xpressdocs, and it allows you to stay in front of your clients for years at a time. With direct mail templates branded for your business, Xpress Connection gives you the tools you need to schedule multi-touch campaigns that span years in only a matter of minutes.

Enrollment is easy. Simply choose a single contact, or upload a complete list of current clients, previous customers, prospects, friends, relatives, and more. Then select a plan for your recipients and relax as we manage the rest and mail out your campaigns for years to come!

Set it and forget it!

Automatically build lasting relationships

Log in and get started today.
Set it and forget it!

Set it and forget it.

Automated Drip Marketing
Your campaigns are automatically scheduled for delivery following regularly proven effective intervals.

Company Data Feeds
Take advantage of company data feeds and see your available recipient list automatically update.

Contact Address Enrollment
Enroll current or previous clients, prospects, friends, relatives, and more into an Xpress Connection program by adding their address. There are no minimums required, and you can sign up additional contacts at any time!

Customizable Plans
Your program can be set up to provide a variety of brand-approved designs, content themes, durations, and frequency options. Simply select a plan specific to your audience and it will automatically populate with your details.

Editable Profile Management
Our profile management tools make it easy to update headshots, contact information, and more.

Key Features

  • Easy to keep-in-touch with clients for years
  • Drop dates pre-determined for you
  • Unlimited address enrollment
  • Pre-populated profile data
  • Complimentary CASS certification
  • Hassle-free profile management


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