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The Xpressdocs QR Code Generator

It’s time to take your marketing campaigns to the next level with QR codes. Send clients and prospects to your mobile-optimized website, link to a video, or initiate a conversation through email or text message. When you combine QR codes with your direct marketing campaigns, the possibilities are endless!

Our QR Code Generator is Simple to Use, and available at no cost
to our customers.

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  • Send readers to enhanced property information, photos or virtual tours. You can even create a text or email message that triggers a request for information or to schedule a private showing!
  • Create a virtual card. Add your contact information, and readers can call, email or visit your website at the click of a button.
  • Launch a marketing campaign. Add an offer, discount or product announcement to your website that can only be accessed by a QR Code. It’s fun. It’s intriguing. Most importantly, it continues your interaction beyond your printed campaign!

Understanding QR Codes

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code (which stands for Quick Response) is an enhanced type of barcode, capable of embedding numerous types of information such as contact information, websites, video files, social media links and more. QR codes can be read by most smartphones, and only require a simple application download in order to be used.

What are they used for?

QR code technology provides marketers with countless new possibilities, allowing for additional audience interaction and involvement. With QR technology, your campaign recipients can easily gain access to enhanced content such as videos, and websites. QR codes also make it easy for clients and prospects to instantly contact you via email, telephone or text message.

How do you use a QR Code?

To use a QR code, you will first need to install a QR Code Scanner application for your smartphone. There are dozens of applications available, many of which being offered free of charge. Once installed, simply point your phone at the QR code and you will then be automatically presented the content or directed to the online destination embedded within the code.

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