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Introducing Social HQ

Manage your Social networks with one simple tool from xpressdocs!

Social HQ offers you access to and control of all your social networks from inside one powerful, easy-to-use dashboard. Choose from a library of industry-specific content, select networks and profiles, and share your message across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogs, and more, in just minutes. Utilize keyword tools to source leads and manage your reputation online.

Using the Social HQ intuitive interface, select from a robust collection of relevant content already created and ready to post; perfect for the busy professional who doesn’t have time to devote to creating content. Add your favorite local or national news and information sites to your article feed and post with the click of a button. Stay in front of your clients by posting multiple times a day, or choose an interval that fits your communication goals.

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Social HQ Pricing

  • Save a bundle with a group license for your office — contact us for pricing.

Social HQ
Key Features

  • Syndicated Content Library
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Tracking & Analysis Tools

Save Time

Reduce the time-spent daily monitoring your networks by enjoying access to all your accounts from one location. Create and maintain profiles and preferences and instantly update all your networks at once.

Increase your Visibility

Reach all of your contacts on every social media network with the click of a button and expand your marketing presence with minimal effort.

Easy to Use

The dashboard includes a unified inbox for all your accounts. Create posts and see live previews before posting. Schedule posts for future delivery and pick and choose networks to include.

Measurable Results

Keep track of interest in your posts with easy to understand analytics. Discover response rates and grow your networks by tweaking content based on results.

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