Simplify Your Day with These 9 Must-Needed Real Estate Technologies

Real Estate TechnologyWhen you’re a busy real estate agent, time-saving tools can boost your productivity and give you a competitive edge. The following are nine must-have real estate technology gadgets that you need now to succeed as an agent.

1. A Bridge Between Your Smartphone and Desktop
You’re connected to the Internet on your smartphone and your desktop. Yet, you likely struggle with limited connectivity between these two devices. If you’ve ever found yourself looking back and forth from your monitor to your phone, you’re familiar with this problem. Now there’s a solution! Lenovo has created the LINK 32GB, a handy device that enables you to connect Android devices to a Windows computer so that you can view your smartphone on a full-screen on your PC. Consider the productivity when you can see everything you manage on your phone on your PC when you’re back in your office. You can use your computer’s mouse and keyboard to control apps on your phone, and it even lets you copy and paste text, watch media, and virtually access anything on your smartphone from your PC. Priced at around $40, this is a great productivity tool for any real estate professional.

2. Improved Virtual Tours
Do you use virtual tours to promote your listings? It’s a great way to provide information to both clients and prospective clients who cannot physically visit a home. It also offers a wonderful opportunity to showcase unique features of a property. With the EyeSee 360, you can shoot 360-degree panoramic videos of your listings using your iPhone. The lens easily attaches over your iPhone’s camera, and you can record everything around you. The videos can be played back, looking in any direction. You can also use the free coordinating app for a variety of viewing features and sharing options.

3. Roll Up Your Keyboard
There can be lulls in visitors during open houses. This is a good time to get some work done, but you don’t want to spread your devices across a counter or dining room table. With the FlexScroll, you can store a paper-thin keyboard with full-sized keys in your pocket or purse. Work from your cell phone and quickly store it to keep counters and tables clear of clutter during showings.

4. A Smarter Watch
Sure, that Rolex is impressive and keeps good time, but it doesn’t let you keep an eye on email messages and phone calls. Today’s top realtors stay connected to ensure they never miss a client call or a deal with a connected watch. The good news is that smartwatches from a variety of manufacturers have dropped in price and let you access thousands of apps. Even designers are getting into the smartwatch business, creating options that look more polished than techy.

5. Portable Scanner
Although more real estate paperwork is being accomplished digitally than ever before, there is still the need to scan documents, and often this happens when you don’t have access to a desktop scanner. With the Xerox Mobile Scanner, you can always have a scanner handy to create PDFs and JPG files that can be sent wirelessly to computers, smartphones, tablets, or to the web. This handy scanner is small enough to fit into a purse and runs on batteries—now that’s convenience!

6. Smarter Smoke Alarm Batteries
If you’re responsible for the management of leased properties, it’s essential to keep smoke alarm and carbon monoxide devices working at all times. One of the leading causes of deaths due to household fires is malfunctioning smoke alarms. Roost has created an ingenious solution that can help every property manager keep their detection devices operating as they should. The company offers 9v batteries that can be placed in existing devices that provide phone alerts if and when an alarm goes off. The battery also provides an alert when it’s time to replace the battery. Priced at under $40, this handy alternative to traditional batteries provides valuable peace of mind and can even save lives!

7. Better Presentations
Are your PowerPoint tablet presentations lacking pizazz? With the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro tablet, you can project any presentation onto a wall. Wow your prospective clients with a full-sized presentation with sound and clear images – all from a small device. Take your open houses to the next level by projecting focused marketing materials that communicate why you’re the realtor to work with.

8. Safer Driving
A lot of real estate business happens on the road. Yet, there are very real dangers in glancing at your smartphone while driving. Carloudy has created an ingenuous solution that lets you project important information like driving directions, traffic updates and more on your car’s front windshield. With everything voice-controlled, there’s no need to take your eyes off the road.

9. Boost Your iPhone’s Battery Life
Dead smartphone batteries happen at the most inopportune times—like when you are expecting an offer. Don’t miss another call with the Boostcase Hybrid case that snaps onto the back of an iPhone. The smart design holds a detachable battery that can boost your phone whenever your phone is out of power.

Staying Up-to-Date
As real estate professionals, it’s important to keep up with the latest and greatest technologies in real estate. More than ever, buyers and sellers are impressed with agents who use innovative tools that streamline the search for and sale of properties.

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