The Power of Real Estate Email Marketing

real estate email marketingThere are a number of very good reasons why real estate email marketing has become so incredibly popular with today’s small- and mid-sized businesses. Below are a few the top reasons.

It’s affordable
Email is by far the least expensive of all the traditional marketing mediums used by small- and mid-sized businesses. Because there are no materials or production costs involved, the only thing you’re really paying for is the technology to implement a campaign.

It’s targeted
Because marketing emails are so affordable to create and implement, you can segment your mailing list into very select clusters, then target each of those with unique messages, reminders, updates, special offers and more. And the more targeted your offer, the more engaged the recipient will be (and, the better your response).

It’s highly interactive
Marketing email promotes interaction and two-way communication like no other marketing medium. Email recipients can easily:

  • “Click-through” for additional information about the products / services mentioned in the email.
  • Forward the email to family and friends (which means more referrals for you).
  • Reply to the sender (that’s you) with specific questions and requests.

It’s measurable
With most marketing mediums, the only real way to measure success is to add up the number of leads or the attributable sales. But with email, you can track who received your marketing message, when they opened it, what they clicked on, how many forwarded it to others, plus more.

It’s fast
You have to wait days, even weeks sometimes, to understand how well other marketing efforts perform. But with email, you receive 78 percent of your responses in the first 24 hours, so you’ll know right away how successful each marketing effort was.

It makes direct mail even better
According to a recent comScore study, when people receive both a direct-marketing mailing and a marketing email, they’re twice as likely to make a purchase than if they’d received only the email. Plus, another study proved that combining the two can also boost your customers’ spending by as much as 25 percent.

It’s ideal for “nurturing”
Generating leads is only one part of the sales process. There’s also the whole “nurturing” process (turning leads into sales, cross-selling, up-selling, and transforming past / current clients into referral sources). That’s where email holds a distinct advantage over other forms of marketing, because it’s so well suited for ongoing customer conversations.

It’s easy
If you’ve ever launched a direct mail marketing effort through Xpressdocs, you’ll be pleased to learn that sending a marketing email is just as easy:

  1. Choose one of the professionally designed templates.
  2. Customize your email.
  3. Upload your mailing list(s).
  4. Schedule your campaign for immediate or future delivery.

It works
According to the latest study from the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing produced more than $43.62 in profit for every dollar spent on it in 2009.

Ready to get started with real estate email marketing and build your business? Let Xpressdocs help you!

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