How Often Should You Be Sending Real Estate Direct Mail?

real estate direct mailIn the direct-mail world, it’s well known that you need to get your name and marketing message in front of someone at least nine times before they’ll even consider making a purchase. But why? What is it about multiple mailings that make them so effective?

The Trust Factor
Let’s be honest: The chances are slim that someone will call you, make a trip to your store – or even visit your website for more information – after receiving just one or two mailings. They don’t even know who you are.

But repetition builds familiarity, and familiarity builds trust. That means, the more mailings they receive from you, the more comfortable they start to become with your brand. And the more comfortable they become with your company, the more likely they are to trust you with their business.

The Curiosity Factor
Curiosity is another emotion that will build over time. After getting five or six mailings from the same company, most people will say to themselves, “maybe there’s something to this … if they’re that determined to win my business, maybe I should see what they have to offer.”

You Never Know “When”
Your mailing list includes lots of people who’ll need your product or service at some point, but there’s no way to predict exactly when they’ll need it. That’s why you have to be as visible as possible as much as possible. Let too much time pass between mailings, and you’ll very likely miss that one time when the person is looking for a product or service like yours.

Better Brand Recall
Studies show that, of the 3,000 marketing messages the average person is exposed to every day, they typically only remember about 30 of them. How can you improve those odds? By exposing them to your marketing more often.

Even if the person is too busy to read your entire mail piece each time it arrives, at least your company name and branding has flashed across their consciousness – which means they’re that much more likely to recall your name when they have a need (or a friend asks for a recommendation).

The Effect of Different Messages / Offers
The most effective direct-mail efforts are those that focus on a singular message or special offer. But focused messages will only resonate with select members of your target market. Keep switching-up your messages and offers, and eventually one of them (or a combination) will be just what your prospect was waiting to hear.

How Often Is Too Often?
So does this mean you should be mailing something to everyone in your target market every week? No. For most small- and mid-sized businesses, getting a new direct-mail effort out every four to six weeks is just about ideal. Any more often than that, and you’ll likely wear out your welcome.

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