'Excuse Me, Can I Market to You?' | Real Estate Email Marketing

real estate email marketingGetting someone’s permission before sending them a real estate marketing email can be a bit of a hassle. Do you really need to do it? Absolutely. And here are the top five reasons why:

  1. They’ll love you for it – Your customers, past customers and referral resources all hate the spam that fills their email inboxes each day, and seethe at the companies behind it. But if you ask for their permission before sending any marketing of your own, your status and legitimacy will get an immediate boost.
  2. You’ll sell more – You’ll sell far more to a smaller list of people who actually read your emails than you will to a larger list of people who tag your emails as spam and / or leave them sitting unopened. Some suggest that most email marketing prospects who opt-in turn out to be 17 percent more valuable than those who don’t (however, the science behind that figure is a bit mysterious).
  3. Email services require it – Unless you can prove the addresses on your email marketing list were gathered with everyone’s permission, legitimate service providers probably won’t work with you.
  4. Your ISP account may be terminated – If your Internet service provider (ISP) discovers that you’re spamming people with marketing email, they’ll probably terminate your account.
  5. It’s federal law – The CAN-SPAM Act is the 2003 law that put a stop to much of the spamming going on at the time. It sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations (each and every violation can subject you and your company to penalties of up to $16,000). For all the details, see the Federal Trade Commission’s online compliance guide.

So how do you get the people in your target market to – as the industry likes to say – “opt-in” to receive your ezines and other email marketing efforts? See our list of ideas.

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