The Rewards of Effective Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

According to the United States Post Office, 98% of Americans bring in their mail on a daily basis and 77% of them immediately sort through it. A real estate direct mail marketing campaign, therefore, has the potential to reach a very large number of potential clients for a number of reasons.

Target a Specific Group

One of the best rewards of a real estate direct mail marketing campaign is that you can design the mailing to target a specific group, which in turn will give the real estate agent a higher return on investment. A mailing list can be developed that will send the post card to customers who have expressed interest in specific types of properties, such as commercial, condominiums or beach homes. Because the mailing is targeted at those who have already expressed such interest, the customer does not feel as if they are getting junk mail and are more likely to respond to your call of action. Direct mail campaigns also allow you to personalize your message, addressing the customer by name and focusing on their needs and how your company can help them.

Multiple Options

Real Estate Direct Mail MarketingReal estate direct mail campaigns offer many different options as far as the type of advertisement you send. The mailing can be a brochure, catalog, letter or postcard, depending on the amount of information you want to convey. By using a mailing list that targets a specific group, you can keep the mailing costs lower since you send the information to a smaller number of people, but to those who are more likely to respond. Postcards are an excellent way to bring attention to your online identity as the space on them is limited, yet more people respond to postcard mailings than other types.


Message is in Target Audience Hands

A real estate direct mail campaign literally puts your call to action in the customer’s hands. If you personalize the message as well, the audience is more likely to respond as they feel as if you are talking directly to them. You can also include special offers, such as coupons that relate to the needs of the customer, which will then allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign and make any adjustments necessary for future campaign success.

Direct mail is still the best option for advertising for real estate agents. Since the majority of Americans prefer getting advertising in the postal mail, and by personalizing your direct mailings, you can reach more customers with the method they prefer and make them feel as if you are offering them something special. For more information on real estate direct mail marketing, check out our full list of real estate marketing guides.

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