Google Plus Marketing for Real Estate Agents

With the explosion of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and others, Google has responded with its own version of a social media site which can actually benefit real estate agents. Google Plus allows users to register for the network, connect with friends and colleagues, and then share information they find online with that network. So Google Plus marketing is by far one of the best ways for real estate agents to market themselves and be found online.

How Does It Work?Google Plus For Real Estate

Google Plus works by having users sign up for the network. Once you have signed up, you can connect with others who are also registered, whether they are family, friends, or other real estate agents. When a registered user searches for information on Google, they have the option of clicking the “+1” button if they find valuable information. When someone in their Google Plus network conducts a similar search, the site that the first user noted as “+1” moves to the top of the search page and it is noted who liked the site, making the current searcher more likely to click on that site since his friend liked what they found there.


Another feature of Google Plus that is beneficial to real estate agents is the “circles” feature. Other social networks make it difficult to group connections into groups that make sense to you. Often, they only give you the option to choose “friends,” “family,” or “business contact” which limits how customized your posts can be. In Google Plus, you can customize circles that make sense to you. For example, you can create circles for active buyers or sellers, inactive buyers or sellers, or even by neighborhoods where your listings are found. This allows you to send out posts that contain information that the specific circle wants to know, rather than blasting everyone in your network.


The Google Plus “hangout” feature is actually a video chat application. Real estate agents can use this feature as a video conference call feature that can be very beneficial when working with multiple buyers and sellers. For example, you can hold a video conference with a husband and wife while they are both working at different locations, or you can hold a video conference with the buyer, seller and their agent without leaving the office.

Google Plus is a social media network that is designed to help people and businesses get noticed and also offer several features that can be valuable tools for real estate agents. For more information on marketing for real estate agents, check our list of real estate marketing guides.

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